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  1. birds:
    I love birds. They're delicate, fragile, beautiful, and sweet, and of course they can fly. When I was a teenager I helped my friend and her family smuggle a macaw into the US from Mexico because I was the only one who could speak fluent Spanish. When I took the tape off his beak he bit me on the thumb. I still have a scar. The movie Johnathan Livingston Seagul really depressed me.
  2. clouds:
    Clouds fascinate me. I like to watch them move and shift; forming unusual and sometimes familiar shapes. Sometimes I wonder if they are man made or hiding alien spaceships. I've tried cloudbusting. I like flying beside them in planes. I wish we could sit on them and sleep on them like people sometimes imagine angels do.
  3. dreams:
    I am a lucid dreamer. I'm passionate about dreaming. I remember everything about my dreams when I wake. I don't believe in nightmares. I studied Jung. Everything means something and can be analyzed and used to help yourself. Dreams are powerful...and sexy. If you take Melatonin you can have some pretty wild ones. I think spirits can communicate with us in our dreams.
  4. ghosts:
    I believe in ghosts. I think all life leaves an energetic imprint behind and we can sometimes see glimpses of things that happened before. I also think there are spirits who are trapped here and need to find their way to wherever it is that we go to when we leave our bodies. I want to help these spirits. I love to collect ghost stories when I travel. One of my best friends grew up in a very haunted house. I loved her ghosts and feel protective of them.
  5. italy:
    I'm adopted and my Mom once told me that someone told her I was mostly Irish with a dash of Italian. When I wrote to Sacramento to get my adoption records -- at least the parts they were willing to release to me I read that my father was Italian. My birth-mother won't tell me who my Father is or was. This breaks my heart. Sometimes I imagine that he was a mobster and this is why she won't tell me anything about him.

    I have been to Italy many times. I went to Italy for my honeymoon. I always throw coins in the Trevi fountain in Rome so I can come back. There's a church in Portofino where I lit candles for my relationship twice, once before we were married, and then once when we came back. Now that we're divorced I'll have to go there and light a candle for something else. I love Venice, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Rome and Bergamo Alto, but I'd love to own a villa on Lake Como. I also love pasta.
  6. moon:
    The moon is my sister, my Mother, and my friend. When my son was a baby we used to sit in his rocking chair in his room and talk about the moon that we could see through his window. He loved the moon. I still can't see the man in the moon though. Sometimes I get my period with the moon. I think the moon has a powerful gravitational pull on women because we are mostly made of water.
  7. pcos:
    I have PCOS. PCOS is polycystic (sp?) ovarian syndrome. Women who get this have insulin resistance, acne, fertility problems, hirsutism, and are very much prone to weight gain. So basically I'm the fat bearded lady at the circus. Although luckily for me I've never had the hairyness factor. PCOS gives you lots and lots of cysts, gals who get this call each other cysters.
  8. reincarnation:
    I absolutely believe in reincarnation. I always wanted to believe in it because then everything would make sense, but I was skeptical. I flirted with the idea of it. I saw the Reincarnation of Peter Proud in high school. I saw Audrey Rose. I read Bridey Murphy. I wanted to go to India. But I didn't really believe in it until a producer of a television show about reincarnation challenged me to try being hypnotized for a past life regression session. Coming from a completely skeptical and cynical place I allowed him to hypnotize me and ended up having this richly detailed vision of one of my past lives.

    I was a woman who was sent to a convent who was then given or purchased, in an arranged sort of marriage, to a cold man who had lost his wife and needed another one to raise his young daughter. I went to live in his stately ancestral home and eventually committed suicide by jumping off the roof. This experience or memory was/is as real to me as any memory I have from my current life.
  9. theater:
    Next to my son, my partner, and my family, the love of my life is the theatre. I was born to be an actor. I studied theatre with Lee Strasberg, at UCLA, in London, and with members of the Actor's Studio. Gene Kelley told me, "You've really got what it takes kid." Dame Judy Dench invited me backstage after a performance to her dressing room for tea. I want to act more than anything in the world and I am struggling with a form of art anorexia -- it's a little bit like writer's block. I need a new agent. Know anyone who's looking for someone like me?
  10. writing. [Modify yours]Friends:737: View Friends :
    Writing; I like writing. See my journal.

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