Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

It probably wont stay up long but aren't these colors pretty? I'm going to see Proof Of Life, since seeing that hockey film with russel Cowe on video I'm hooked damnit. Plus it doesn't hurt that Meg Ryan and our old pal from Hill Street Blues is in it, and it's directed by Taylor Hackford, crazy director that he is.

I've been having fun on Ebay, naughty me. I just love those old fashioned sequined and felt Christmas ornaments that used to come in those kits that mom's would sew. My best friends mom used to make them, I'm sure I've said this before, and I always wanted one soooo badly. I tried to make one, I still have it, but I wasn't very good at it. I also collect anything chenille, like little chenille elves and pixies. I just won a really cute one.

Tomorrow I volunteer at the cat rescue place again. I'm so tired of being in pain but if I get enough sleep maybe it won't be as bad tomorrow. There was another picture of Carnie Wilson in a newspaper, showing how much weight she lost after her stomach staple operation. I'm seriously thinking about it. I'm scared though because if something happens to me what will become of my Beau. That's the risk that is standing in my way. I don't want to be like this anymore. I wouldn't mind being fat, but not this fat, and it's just too hard to reverse this. At least I'm getting the new treadmill, that'll help. I'm trying to improve things, taking care of my teeth is a big deal for a dental phobic like me.

I love my new ratties. Especially the one eyed little girl one. The one I got a month ago is really crazy I think. I'm afraid of him. This is the first time I've ever been afraid of one of my ratties. He's fierce. It's like he's dying to attack me. I don't know what happened to him, it seems as if his little rattie mind just snapped. I try to be so nice to him but he's taken chuncks out of me twice now and I can't help but be a bit afriad. Normally I can bluff my animal pals by being brave and forthright with them. I just stride on in and fool them into thinking I don't ahve a fear in the world and somehow this works. But this guy, man he doesn't care, he's the wild mat rattie from some rat asylum in the Bronx, and he's going to take me down, no matter how many pieces of my bagel I share with him. The other guys, they're so polite when I share my food treats. They're like, mmmm, thank you, I'll just take that and carry it over here and now I'm going to roll it around in my cute little rattie paws and look for the best places to take bites from. This guy, the little terror, acts like he wants whatever I'm offering, but he's really thinking, heh heh, just get those fingers a little bit closer...and then he spits out the food and goes for my flesh. He's like the moster bunny from Monty Python's holy Grail movie, or the dog in that credit card commercial who sucks the employee into his cage.

Okay well, I'm going to go. Have you guys gotten any of your shopping done yet. I swore I was going to make everything this year and get my cards out super early and now look at me, sitting here in my night shirt at my computer with a rat puppy on my head, planning on going to a movie and chatting to my live journal pals.

Oh God, look at this, a vintage powder compact in the shape of an 8 ball.

I have to have this. Never mind that I have major unpaid debts, frig, frig, frig. Heh, one day I'm thinking about fasting and mary, and the next i'm spending my time buying things on ebay, there's a lesson about material goods in here somewhere. Eye if the needle and a camel, that kind of thing ; )

Love youze,

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