Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

More fun than sleeping...

"I say ... and you think ... ?"

Quirk:: Quirky, me, music, pizza, pee, sleepy, bow ties, bored.
Crystal:: Glasses, goblets, broken, ring, promise, pizza, sleepy, bored.
Pet Peeve:: Jaw tension, cat pee, pissyness, snobbery, toilet paper rolls hung backwards.
Cuban:: Cigars, women, photography, colors, crumbling, beds, whores.
Breasts::  Beautiful, sexy, round, nurturing, nipples, women, mothers, lovely.
Whispers:: Sexy, private, fun, happy, sweet, complicated, love.
Complicated:: Wow, hunh, funny, you, me.
Promise me:: Love, moons, happiness, ardent fidelity, indefinite attention, love me again and forever
Murder:: Most foul.
Filament:: Nylon, needles, threads, skeleton heads.

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Google Needs Meme Swiped From Gghost

Go to Google and type your name adding the word needs after it. Use quotes. Pick the funniest or most appropriate ones. I think this is a bit like looking into a crystal ball or playing with Tarot cards, well, except for some of the funnier ones, and even then...

Jacqui needs no introduction. She is one Hot asian lady, and intelligent too.
Jacqui needs to ensure that she has saved enough during the first twenty years.
All Jacqui needs to do is open her mouth and sing.
Jacqui needs to Unpack those bags and settle back In.
Jacqui needs a visa to enter Bolivia.
Jacqui needs eye drops to help her vision.
Jacqui needs to hire another couple of people just to keep up.
Jacqui needs SOMEONE on her side.
Jacqui needs to take her mom home.
"Jacqui needs 30 minutes In the corner, before I give her the cane."
Jacqui needs one good working-over.

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