Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Man, look at the colors on this one. There's something a little Tracey Ullman about her.

Oooh even more cool colors. I hope these will stay up at least until tomorrow.

Oh I forgot to tell you about Proof of Life, for a big action packed commercial movie, I liked it. Meg Ryan was fine, I don't know why people are picking on her acting. I think maybe because she isn't snivelling and weak. As written, her character is trying to hold it together. There are several references to this. Her husband says she always hits the ground running. She admits to her sister-in-law she's just trying to be strong, and she breaks down and tells Russel Crowe's character that she hasn't allowed herself to do that before.

Then there's Russel Crowe who is so compelling a screen presence that I swear It's really hard to take your eyes off him for very long. He's really riveting and playing a strong heroic tough guy with a vulnerable feelingful interior. Who can resist? I held out longer than most people I know but now damnit, I'm sunk.

I feel sorry for Robert Downey Junior. Did I tell you guys he spent his last night in Palm Springs at my nude bar, or well, the nudie bar that rents my building? So weird.

Oh well, grab these pics while you can : )


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