Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Mouse Over Help?

Hi Everybody,

I've fallen behind in updating as usual. I've got the entries written, I just need to edit them and put them up.

I'm writing because I want to ask for some advice. There are these cool haunted portrait images that I want to save in order to share them with you here in my journal. The images are really large, just a tad too large for my screen, so it's hard to do a screen grab and get all of the edges of the image in, and they're mouse overs, so when I try to do a right click save I only manage to get one of the images.

Can someone here tell me how to grab a mouse over, or save one to my hard drive? I was thinking if I could somehow get both images then I could put them on my site, and then use whatever code one would use for a mouse over to share the images here. I know it's hard to share code without it executing itself, but if anyone wants to show me the code, you could use ( and ) to replace < and > and I'll get the idea.

Okay, back to trying to clear all of these stored television programs off of my DVR. I love it, but it does require managing, yeesh.


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