Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Holiday Card Exchange Update

Hello Again Everybody,

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!!!!

I've been working like mad on our annual Holiday-collage-card, ribbons-and-yarn, booklet thing that I always send out every year. I love to exchange cards with people because it's so much fun to get them and even more fun to send them out. Although, despite my best efforts, and even though I've been working on this since before Thanksgiving, mine are bound to come late. I'm still cutting and sifting through images, and won't be assembling it until Thursday. I had hoped to have it ready to go by this past Monday, but time, time is always playing tricks with me, and it just zoomed by. So hopefully, cross your fingers for me, I'll get them out just before Christmas and you should have them before New Year's. At least that's my plan for now.

I picked up some of your cards a few days ago and was just thrilled to get them. You gals/guys are the best! I love to see your handwriting, and the sweet things you write and send really pick up my spirits. Beau and I sit here on my bed and we open and look at them together. It's just so cheerful and loving -- means a lot to us.

If anyone else would like to get in on this, it's not too late. Anyone who sends something to me gets something in return. Although my cards are kind of wacky and personal; like poetry, I think collages express deep subconscious feelings, and while the overall affect of a collage might be kind of cheery and pleasing, it would be so great to know that people could get one and by delving a bit know me a little better by it.

Thank you for sending things to my friend Mary whose cancer had the nerve to return after everything she went through to send it away. She was just diagnosed with cancer for the third time semi-recently. She's now undergoing her third week of chemo and has just begun to lose her hair. I would rather you send something to her than to me. She needs the cheering. If there are any fiber artists out there who can dream up something that would feel soft on her skin, and be styley or cool in the beanie or hat realm, that would make an amazing gift for a fellow sister-bee who needs things to look forward to, and make her feel special when she goes out. She's trying to be brave and tough about all of this but it's just got to suck to know you are going to lose your hair for the third time, when it had just gotten long enough to cut for the first time in years.

"Where there is hope there can be faith. Where there is faith miracles can occur."

So here again, one last time is my address for anyone who wants to exchange cards with us, or send anything cheering and fun for my friend Mary, who could sure use a little love. Please remember to include your return address; and this is really important; please include your Live Journal user name so that I'll know who to thank, even if you're certain I know who you are, because depending on what day it is, what's going on with the moon, or the alignment of the planets, I may not be able to connect the dots, and oddly enough...some of you have the same names. I'd like to be able to come by your journals and thank you personally. So, please send us a card, which will remind me to send you a card? We truly cherish them and save all of them.

Here are three more pieces from last year's card. I've been cutting out stuff for this year's batch for so long now that I don't have any idea how many it'll end up being this time 'round, and it looks as if we may be going to San Francisco to see our beloved Burning Man friends next week and I want to spend some time at the W Hotel with Scott for New Year's so I've got to hurry if I'm going to get these done. I may just make one oversized double sided one, I don't know yet. I spent too much time putting glitter on pine cones today to get it finished up.

Jacqui Hyland and Beau Carrillo (my son)
149 South Barrington Avenue #325
Los Angeles, CA 90049

PS: Here's a funny link to an eBay seller's page of wacky feedback he's assembled. Some of them definitely made me laugh out loud. Be sure to check out the shot of the naked guy reflected in the teakettle, if you haven't already seen it, it's pretty funny.

PPS: Much catching up and story telling to follow soon ; )


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