Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Well Hello Again My Faithful Readers,

Been writing up a storm as usual, but I can never seem to find the time to edit what I've written and then put it up. Time, it's always about time.

I have my comments about the Oscars, Mary and Steve's party, and months and months of stories going back to November at least. I'm working on it.

Did I tell you about Ana freaking out and quitting? I think I did. I need to find someone wonderful quick, someone who can drive, who has references, and can
take care of a house full of animals, a messy, stubborn but funny and endearing teenager, and his wacky Mom from Sunday morning through Friday morning for five hundred a week. Not an easy thing to do.

There's a part of me that is just so relieved that God, or the Universal Love Being, plucked Ana right out of our lives, and dumped her somewhere else. I knew things weren't working for a long time, but I never expected it to end like this, with her losing her mind, changing her contact numbers, and wiping her hands of us so completely. I'm so relieved though. Mad as I am that she handled this so badly, I can't help but wonder how she is, and what happened to her that made her go so nuts in the end.

Scott and I went to see/hear Beau perform with his band today at the Jazz Bakery in the Helms Building in Culver City. He was great, he played lead and sang fast complicated lyrics, (Bubbly Toes -- Jack Johnson), then he switched to bass for another couple of songs, and I know what it took for him to get up there and do this. He's usually pretty shy about performing, painfully shy, but he's got such charisma and a great sense of humor, he just needs to believe in himself a little bit more and he'll be set. I was so impressed with him. He's just sailing along with guitar, getting better by the week. I'm so excited and happy for him.

The other kids were great too, some of them were really polished, all of them were adorable, and it was such a fun event. A lot of the kids played multiple instruments. Beau's friend Carl, who I adore, played a mean drum set, and then he played guitar, there was a great sax player, Beau's pal Jake was terrific, and so was their sweet friend Ruby who seriously kicked ass on the drums. They didn't have a name for their band so their teacher just picked one, Pearl, after Ruby whose last name has the word Pearl in it. I was thinking that Big Pink Pearl would make a great name for an all gals band, it sounds vaguely clitoral ; )

This was the New Roads band ensemble Spring concert. Just one more reason to adore this school. I was just thinking about this the other day when I was walking around the campus looking for Beau; that his school reminds me of Berkley in the sixties. It's just so alive and right on, if that makes any sense to you.

I wanted to tell Beau's Father about it, but Beau only told me about it late Friday night, and we only speak to or see his Dad, (my ex, obviously), so infrequently that I don't even know his new phone number. In 2005 I think Beau saw his Dad a grand total of three times, if that. I won't bore you any more with this, it just makes me sad, how things work out...

My cat Baby Angel, a pink and white hairless Sphynxy girl, hasn't been well and I've been really worried about her. But I owe the vet a fortune and can't ask them for any more help until I pay the bill down a bit. She has had the worst diarrhea for the last three days. I give her subcu. fluids to compensate for the fluid loss and to keep her hydrated, she's on the right antibiotics, an ulcer medication and just yesterday we started her on the right dose of Immodium. But up until we were finally able to get the diarrhea under control, I was really freaking out, we went through so many towels and sheets, the laundry room looked like we had a newborn in the house. Say a prayer or send a positive thought for us/her will you? Thanks so much.

My rat friend Charlie Murphy is here in his cage beside me because I'm writing to you from the office instead of in bed where I normally write. I opened the door, took him out, gave him a long cuddle, and set him free to explore. He walked around a little bit but decided he prefers it in the cage and has gone back in and curled into a little sleeping ball o' rat.

Oh and here's a wee shout out to Focus on the Family for working so damned hard to prevent gay and lesbian couples from having the same rights that everyone else has; if my web cam hadn't "fallen" into a certain teenager's possession pit you would see a shot of me flipping them off right now. Instead we'll have to make do with a great big FUCK YOU!!!

My Mom called tonight to tell me that the parents of an old friend of mine, and their little dog, died. She read about it in the obituaries. She likes to read the obits because everyone she knows is dying. It's become a kind of macabre social column for her. Anyway, I feel sad for my friend and his family, and sad for myself because I really liked them. It was just a few weeks ago that his Mother and I ran into each other at the local pharmacy. We sat together for close to an hour at the beauty counter and she told me all about the loss of her daughter in law. I don't know how they died, how they're little dog died with them. Seize the day, damnit Jacqui, seize the day!

Off to have some really good dreams, I took two Melatonin, they're just the best dream inducers, and I happen to love my dreams, good or bad, I always enjoy the ride.

Oooh woman am I tired. And I owe birthday wishes and responses to comments, and the never ending collage. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though, I really am.

Lovin' y'all,

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