Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Earthquakes and Sugar Cat Kisses

There was an article on AOL tonight about the next big quake. Living in California keeps you pretty alert to the possibility of this imminent threat. The timing is pretty funny because just last night I watched San Francisco, an old Clark Gable movie, that was made in the thirties, about the great San Francisco earthquake. I hadn't thought about the fact that we're coming up on the one hundred year anniversary, (April 18, 1906), of this terrible tragedy that nearly destroyed San Francisco. I'm obsessed with the history, with stories, and photographs, of this earthquake. Maybe because my Grandmother, my Father's mother, was there at the time, having just come back from a long trip to China. I still can't forgive my Mother's having sold this beautiful Chinese vase that my Grandmother cared so much for that she rescued it from her room and held it in her arms while she stood on the buckling sidewalk (I used to say steps but it turns out there weren't any steps outside the old Palace Hotel, I don't know who told me this story), of The Palace Hotel where they'd been staying.

Earthquakes alternately terrify and fascinate me, I guess it's a little like storm chasing, or watching documentaries about wild weather on the Weather Channel. After the last earthquake I developed this kind of PTS thing where every time I felt any kind of vibration, or something rumbled by, I'd freeze and panic for a moment. I still do this sometimes, especially in buildings that have those rocker mechanisms that cause them to sway a bit.

Here's a super cool link to these amazing aerial panoramic photos of a devastated San Francisco after the quake and the fire. I really love panoramic photography and just stumbled across these photos by George R. Lawrence. What an interesting man he was, and how lucky we were that he developed a way to take these photographs before air travel made photos taken from above more common place

Spooky, (think fluffy black fur covered soccer ball shaped cat), is sitting between my crossed legs, looking up at me, purring, and doing the paw paw thing on my thighs. She's so cute. I just kissed her on her nose and mouth. It was wet. Ahhh cat kisses. She's tolerating me.

I licked Whitey's face today. I wanted him to get that I'm a mama-cat figure, that I care for him and am looking after him. He really didn't know what to make of my doing that. He probably thought, "Ewww human tongues, they're all soft and squishy, not dry, rough and scratchy like ours." I woke up this morning with one of my fingers in his mouth. I though, "Oh. Hi Meow...wait a second, that's not Meow, that's Whitey who bites really hard," but he didn't, he was just chewing on me in a friendly sort of way. I liked it, it means he's feeling closer to me.

I'm going to miss my cats so much. I wish I could have it all, Hawaii, cats, my super TV/DVR set up, DSL, and sugary buttercreamy wedding cake that won't make me gain an ounce, all of this and Maui too ; ) Naaaah, I'm lucky to be going. I can live without my cats for two weeks, live without their hair balls, puke, pee, and shit for these few days, but not too much longer, I'll be aching for them by day four. Thank God Scott is coming to join us or I'd really go mad. I love Hawaii so much though. I can't wait to get in the water and see my first fish and sea turtles. I can't wait to drive on the highway with sugar cane fields, the mountains, and a rainbow on one side of the car and the ocean on the other. I can't wait to string some plumeria, have my favorite Bananas Foster desert at the old Plantation House restaurant, and whatever cool vegetarian rice dishes Roy's chefs have cooked up at Roys. Yes, it's all about food for me, I'm all about my mouth, cats, food, whatever, just put it in my mouth. I'm so excited, hopefully we'll get to go to the Dive In movies this time, and now I have a drum circle and fire dancing to look forward to.

Okay I'd better go, gotta get some rest so I can run around stressing out some more over packing and assorted pre-travel stuff tomorrow. Next time I write I'll be writing from our favorite little spot in Maui.

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