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Greetings From Maui

Here's the view from our room. Isn't this great? This is why I love this place -- just steps to one of the best bays in Hawaii.

Hey Everybody!

Go Shorty
It's Your Birthday
Gonna Party Like It's My Birthday...

Here's Beau on our bed last night.

We're in Maui, woohoo, and it's my birthday, woot, woot! I was just thinking about how many Live Journal friend's birthdays I've missed over the last couple of weeks while I've been busy getting ready for this trip. For the last couple of years I've made sure to visit all my Live Journal friends on their birthdays, (or somewhat close to their birthdays, lol), and I make a new set of vintage postcard birthday cards for everyone each month and post it on everyone's journal along with the Happy Birthday song. I can only do this if you've listed your birthday with Live Journal though, because that's the only way I can keep up. I always seem to fall behind on these but I always make sure to catch up. It'd be a little weird to go around wishing everyone a Happy Birthday on my birthday though so maybe I'll wait until tomorrow. I don't even know if I'll be able to get online today. We've been having a pretty bad rainstorm here and it knocked out access.

This is what the ocean looks like right now. Normally it's sunny and the waters are light turquoise and blue. That's Lanai in the distance covered with clouds.

Everything went wrong with our trip over here, we almost missed our flight, the trip was difficult, we arrived in pouring rain, and we lost, but later found, a crucial piece of luggage. Poor Mom, she's so used to first class service, but now that she's trying to save some money, she's forced to travel like everyone else and it's a big shock to her. She still orders a limo to take her to and from the airport, (Even this was a screw-up because instead of a limo they sent a small town car, with barely enough room for three people and their luggage, so we had to wait for another one, and ended up rushing to make our flight), but this is the first time she's flown coach in years. She was miserable crammed in to these narrow seats and forced to chose between a five dollar turkey wrap sandwich or a four dollar snack box. We all chose the "snack box" and since no one wanted their "meat stick" we took turns trying to pawn them off on each other. In the end Mom ended up with three shrink wrapped orangey-red hot dog things tucked into the pocket of her seat, right next to the barf bag where they belonged.

The "movie" was played on this tiny TV screen tucked into the ceiling of the cabin but since the tape had been played so many times it had worn thin and was barely discernible between the wiggling bars and static. After a good twenty minutes of this, someone kindly pulled the first one out of the VCR and put another one in that was barely better than the first one. Since Mom didn't want to spend the two dollars for head phones, but we did, we spent the rest of the time answering her annoying questions. "What's she saying now?" "Why does he wear his hair that way, it makes him look bald" "Oh what's happening?" Finally, towards the end of the film, I got her to wear my headphones and I read a book instead.

When we landed we were informed that it was raining and had been for the last several days, so we got off the flight, borrowed a wheel chair, went to the baggage carrousel, piled up all of our stuff on a couple of rent-a-carts, wheeled over to the car rental office, in the rain, waited forever for a bus to come pick us up, loaded all of the stuff onto the bus, got Mom onto the bus, rode on over to Hertz, and waited in line for forty minutes at around one in the morning, our time, to get out car. Poor Mom, she was so worn out, but we still had the forty minute drive to our hotel, and she wanted us to go to the market. By the time we were finally ready for bed it was five in the morning.

Mom's been on the phone for two days telling all of her friends about the snack box she got instead of the nice drink and dinner she'd been looking forward to. She's been flying since the forties. Her first husband Denny was a pilot. Before they were married, during the war, he would "borrow" planes and take her flying. He wasn't supposed to, but he did it anyway. She remembers him taking her on a flight over Los Angeles in a little two seater plane. They flew over her house and did dips and turns. Then later when air travel was in it's hey day planes had piano bars and lounges. I can remember this as a child. I would always get up and walk around, planes seemed huge to me then. There was a spiral staircase that led to a lookout room, kind of like a view bubble lounge, and I remember piano bars with bowls of fruit and horsdeurves, smartly dressed people standing around holding drinks and cigarettes. I asked one of the flight attendants if she remembered this and she said that yes, she did, and that, "Planes were bigger then, like my paycheck."

Ahhh plumeria -- they smell so good. I'm going to make a lei with some of these, yeah.

Today is our third day here and we've had a kind of slow start getting going because we were tired, my back is really hurting, and we all have colds. It's been raining pretty much nonstop. Yesterday I went snorkeling while Beau skim boarded. I had so much fun. We don't really care that it's raining. I swam way out to a reef and had fun swimming with the fish. There were humus, angel fish, parrot fish, damsel fish, and a puffer. There were so many other fish but those were the only ones I could easily identify. There was a whole school of these beautiful light orange and pink fish with big eyes, dozens of them, that were just kind of hovering in the water beneath me, swaying back and forth with the tide. They were so close I could have touched them. I so wanted to show them to Beau. I also saw a couple of sea cucumbers, spiny urchins, coral, poor coral, and a sea star. The visibility was pretty poor though because of all the storm run off -- it makes the water brown, which is not so good for scuba diving, or even snorkeling, because you can't see what's coming, and considering they've had five shark attacks, (tiger sharks -- all in the Wailea/Makena area), since December, you really want to be able to see clearly when you're out there.

We had a gecko in our room, and that was a thrill, but it ran away and hid behind the microwave. We've seen lots of frogs but haven't been able to catch any, and last night there was a cockroach the size of a hamster running around on the wall but I couldn't catch it either. I just wanted to take it outside but it was so fast. We've also seen a lot of Hawaiian land snails. I like snails anyway but I really like these, they have such beautiful shells, like something you would see underwater. At one time there were over nine hundred species of these snails, exclusive to the Hawaiian Islands.

Pretty red and green leaves.

Today we're going to go into Lahaina to get some sheet music for our ukulele and maybe some sandals and something else for my birthday. Then tonight we're going to the weekly Mai Tai party, and after that we'll go to Roy's for dinner.

Beau's grumpy because he wants to get online to see if he can make Star Wars Galaxies work on his laptop that Dell finally sent to us yesterday. What a nightmare this has been. We bought him this laptop for his birthday, and eighth grade graduation, last year, it broke mere weeks after he received it, and it's taken Dell this long to send us a replacement.

They really are horrible, HORRIBLE! They've done everything they possibly could to cheapen and delay the repair of this computer that was under the most expensive no fault warranty Dell offers. You know the drill; you get someone in India who can barely communicate, who runs you through baby hoops and then sends you one basic part after another (Mam, it is standard policy to send one half of the power cord in case this is the half that is not working, I will tell the shipping department to send the other half now), until they finally decide that maybe they should have it serviced, then you spend months sending it back and forth to a service depot, (in hell), until finally the service depot loses track of your computer, and if you're very lucky they send you someone else's "refurbished", (read lemon of a), computer and a check so that you can purchase a new warranty. Aren't we lucky? At least that's what the eighteenth customer service representative, who has personally assured me he would, "See to the perfect resolution of my concerns and frustrations," thinks. Now I get to make another phone call to let Mr. Perfect Resolution at the nest plus ultra level of corporate escalation know that his thrice checked refurb aint working so good, weee...Yep, this is exactly the kind of thing I fantasized about doing on my birthday, on our vacation on a tropical island.

Beau took this picture from the car just after I took the next shot. Isn't it cool?

I'm off to get a massage because my back is really hurting. I'll check back in with you later, if I can.

Big happy Hawaiian hugs,

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