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More Belated News From Maui

Here is a view of our beloved Napili beach looking south from the north end.

Hi Everybody, Here's another one of my catch-up entries from when we were in Maui. I have several more of these to go. It's hard to keep up with my present life, let alone go back and edit what I wrote before and fix up pictures to put with these entries, but I so want to share everything with you.

Scott had one of his front teeth pulled, poor guy, so he opted to stay home and rest tonight, which makes complete sense, but I miss him. We were going to see Friends With Money, and I had designs on his hot body, but clearly that aint gonna happen ; ) I kind of didn't think so, I mean how are you going to feel like making out when you have a big wound in your mouth? I know I didn't when I had my mouth worked on recently. But just in case I did a little extra fake tanning to look better, (This was an at home cream thang, not the Mystic Tan. I have lots of Mystics left on my account, but after watching an old episode of The Simple Life where the girls gave the little boy of the family they had been staying with a gift of some bronzer because, "That's how you can look hot like us," I wanted to try the whole do it yourself tanning thing at home. But how the hell do you keep your hands from turning orangey-yellow? I know to wash them afterwards but still somehow I always manage to get the tanning stuff on them, maybe I touch myself too much, heh), and I've been using this moisturizing cream I like that gives you a little extra glow, and that has little gold sparkles in it. I LOVE sparkles. I'm super girlie this way, glitter, sparkles, rhinestones, rainbows, gimme.

Beau and I went to our favorite local bookstore this afternoon and bought the book that he was supposed to have been reading. He already had a copy but it got moved by one of the housekeepers and now we don't know where it is. Any excuse to go to the bookstore is a good one, a lost book is as good as any, heh, heh. Darn, I guess I'll just have to look over the new hardbacks and then I just might have to buy one, or three. Actually, I did look at all of the new books, and like delicious pastries in a lovely glass refrigerated case, there were just too many choices for me, so I opted to buy a book about grammar, because clearly I can always use help in this area, a Farsi dictionary and basic conversational phrase book, (Lord help me but Farsi seems hard), and a book about Islam and religion. Yep, I'm just that interesting.

There was a man from Maine in the bookstore, (It wasn't Steven King although I sure as hell wish it had been), who was asking the saleswoman behind the counter for help, but as sometimes happens in bookstores, she was a tad uptight and flustered and not too on point when it came to giving the help and directions he needed so I kindly jumped in. He wanted to know where various things were, particularly bakeries. Now that's one thing a fat girl knows, where the best bakeries are. Cake, we know where to find the good cake. (Oh and BTW I've gained about forty whopping pounds since last year, isn't that pretty, but it was kind of a relief to read that Al Roker and about a gazillion other people who had the same weight loss surgery I had, have gained weight as well, so at least I'm not alone in this. I just need to get out there and move around more, that and well, let go of the cake, no really LET GO OF THE CAKE! No, it's my cake!! No, it's mine, mine, mine, mine!!!) I had been planning on going to pick up something to take to Atra's for tea and told this guy that I'd probably end up going to the same place I was directing him to, and not to be surprised if he saw me there. Then he needed to know how to find the theatre section, and damn if he didn't ask the second thing I know the most about, well, maybe next to the cat section, so I told him I was going to be heading over there and would he like to follow me?

Duttons is on the ground floor of my Dad's old sixties modern office building, there's an atrium, or open section, in the middle and the bookstore started in one of the units that face in to this garden and as it grew they just kind of spread around and took all but one of the ground units over. In order to go from one part of the bookstore to another, you have to exit the bookstore, walk outside, and then come back in through another door. It's a little weird for someone who's new and it helps if someone can show you where to go. So naturally I offered, but since this was the second time I offered to take this man somewhere, (and he is from Maine after all, where maybe people are just a tad bit more reserved than I am), I think I scared the poor guy off. I don't know, I just had that feeling, like he might have thought I was weirdly stalkerish, or just too damned friendly, maybe it was the way he ran in the other direction. Oh well.

Afterwards I did a little bit of marketing, had tea with Atra, her lovely sister Maryam, who is forever teaching me to be more tolerant and compassionate, and Atra's wonderful husband Arta, who I adore. I brought over an almond cake thing, and Atra had made a banana cake. The tea was great and I preferred her cake to mine. Fun. Then Beau came over with his skateboard and asked me to go skating with him so we did.

I am really digging skateboarding again. It's super scary because I'm so out of shape, so much older and stiff, and because of this I know it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that I'm going to wipe out. The other day when I went skating, with Beau and his friend Eric, at least I had the good sense to wear jeans and a long sleeve tee-shirt. Not so today. I was wearing a teeny little cotton mini dress. Hey, at least I was wearing underwear, I don't always do that, and I had on tennis shoes, thank God. So when I did wipe out, which as I mentioned before was pretty much inevitable, I didn't have any fabric between my skin and the road. It wasn't that bad though, not enough to stop me from keeping this up.

When my parent's and my friends and neighbors, The Moore's, drove by, they were horrified and told me that I shouldn't be doing this, but this was Bill Moore telling me this -- the man who has been surfing his entire life, who at eighty was still strapping a long board to the roof of his Cadillac and heading down to the beach. No, I'm not going to be dissuaded by someone I have admired for his bravery and athleticism for so long. I told him I'd stop the day I have to limp up to his front door with a compound fracture and ask for a ride to UCLA. But I have to admit my knee, elbow, foot and wrist are hurting more than a little bit right now. Oh well, just don't say I told you so when I tell you I had to get stitches.

Well, that's enough current event chatter for one day. I have so much TV to catch up on and I'm really looking forward to seeing Helen Mirren and Jeremy Irons in the movie about Queen Elizabeth. I've always had a crush on this particular Queen. I just wish my Daddy were alive to watch it with me. We always watched these kinds of things together. Boo. Sadness. Maybe he can watch from the other side, wherever that is.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments about the kitties. To reward you I've included a rare shot of the ultra skittish Mitzie cat.

Mitzie is our polydactyl pumpkin cat that I told you about. She has three extra toes on each of her front feet that form a kind of extra paw, which is why we call her Mitzie, because she has these cool catcher's mitts. On her back feet she has extra thumbs. Cats only have four toes on their back feet but Mitzie the wonderful has five. How cool is that?


Beau has been having trouble sleeping, not just here in Hawaii but a lot lately, and we're sharing a room, so I needed to be quiet this morning so that I wouldn't wake him. For some reason I enjoy being domestic here. We have a little suite sort of set up with a large bedroom a hallway with a full kitchen and a big bathroom and dressing room. I had fun cleaning up this morning, washing the dishes, putting all of our things away, it's easier to be domestic in a tiny room without a lot of pets, it's easier to do pretty much anything here when you're so happy all the time, everything smells so good, and there are so many birds singing just outside your room.

After quietly straightening up I went next door to Mom's room so I could write and call Scott, maybe even watch a little TV, without waking Beau. I like watching the visitor's channel, it's kind of cheery and gives me ideas for things I'd like to do here.

I think this was the first time I was alone since we got here and it felt exciting to have some time completely to myself here, time where I didn't have to be doing anything specific. Mom had a hair appointment, which seems so funny to me, that she worries so much about her appearance, even here with all this rain, she's got to look her best. I'm glad that she has routines like this that make her life dependable and routine. She's such a sweet old fashioned lady, always doing her hair and putting on her lipstick. Sometimes I think I must be such a disappointment to her because I'm so different. I love buying makeup, and putting it on when I have to, but for the most part I hate the way it feels on my skin and don't wear it every day. The same goes for my hair, I'll just brush it back and put it in a ponytail rather than wet it and blow it dry. It just seems like such a waste of time, all that fluffing, curling, and blowing. It blows my mind knowing that there are people who do this EVERY day!

I was sitting on the lanai, outside of Mom's room, listening to the rain, listening to the birds argue in the bush and trees, watching geckos and the kids playing in the pool, and talking to Scott on the phone. I miss him so much. I can't wait 'till he gets here. I was sitting there talking to Scott when I saw this guy standing by the beach shack on the other side of the pool. He looked familiar. There was something about him, his hair, his tan muscled body, the way he was doing little tricks on his Razor scooter, and then it hit me. I had seen this guy before.

I was on the beach with Beau. Beau was trying to skim board and I was trying to snorkel. Beau had brought his skim board with him in order to do this. We'd bought this super special board for him, the time before the last time we were here, and he really hadn't used it much since then. He keeps it in his room and looks at it. So this time he was determined to ride it, and it took some effort to get another case for it, and worry about getting it here safely. Beau was on the beach trying to throw it down, run, catch up with it, jump on it, and skim across the sand, but he'd keep getting stuck and his momentum would carry him forward over the front of the board and he couldn't catch any water. I got tired of sitting on the beach alternately watching Beau and looking for shells and sea glass, so I decided I might try to snorkel even though the water still looked pretty crappy.

I was happily surprised that I could actually see some fish in the water through all the run off, so I swam quite a ways out over some reef where there were a few more of them to see, and had fun watching fish, then I'd swim back in and watch Beau for a while. I was so happy out there bobbing up and down in the waves, scanning the shore, floating on back and looking up at the clouds, a beautiful day in this beautiful bay. At one point I was watching Beau when this guy came jogging by. Cutting Beau off, he tossed his board down, deftly hopped aboard, skimmed right by him and then did some tricks in the waves. He was spectacularly athletic and graceful. Poor Beau, he really showed him up, and we both just looked at each other, Beau on the shore, me just behind the waves, and shrugged. Some people are just going to be better than we are at things, that's the way life is, it takes practice to get good at pretty much anything.

So this was the guy I'd seen just the day before, and he was here at our hotel, chatting with the pool/beach guys. I snapped my cell phone shut and ran over there, bra-less in my nightgown, my loose boobs flapping in the wind. (Am I going to get a boob-job soon? you bet.)

He was surprised that I wanted to talk to him instead of the beach guys. His name's Benny. He lives across the street. He skim boards here all the time, and he agreed to teach Beau if I promised not to sue him if anything happens to Beau. His son is going to have a birthday party here in a couple of days and he was here to arrange the room rental.

A few hours later we were all out there with Beau trying to improve his fairly nonexistent skim boarding skills with a patient but super athletic Benny, while I collected sea shells and looked for sea glass again. I love sea glass but another woman here had beat me to it. She told the beach activities people that she makes jewelry and every day she was out there picking the beach clean. Good for her. Good for the beach. I'll have to look somewhere less eco-oriented anyway, a beach where there are a lot of selfish people tossing glass off selfish boats. Anyway Benny was very patient and kind and Beau had a great time but was really tired when they finished.

GECKO! How can anyone be afraid of these cute little creatures? I just want to cuddle them up in my hands and kiss them, but of course that would scare them so I can't.

Beau and I both have this miserable cold flu virus whatever thing that I think we caught from our wonderful friends in LA, their poor son was so sick, he was throwing up blood. I felt so bad for him, but I was also worried because with my immune system I tend to catch everything, and then sure enough, within days we were both sick with some kind of virus. I went to my doctor and Beau went to his and we both tested negative for flu and strep, but I'm sneezing and coughing and my throat hurts and I just know something's wrong. With the rain and muddy water forcing us to stay in, I really want to be well for Scott when he gets here and to be able to scuba dive and snorkel when the weather clears and the tides take away all the silt.

Diving in murky low vis water is a bad plan when there have been a few too many shark bites, bumps, and sightings for my comfort. I'm good with sharks, really, if one attacked me or Beau, I wouldn't want anyone to hurt it, we're the ones who are intruding in their habitat, and they need to eat, but I don't want to be needlessly risky. There haven't been any problems on this end of the island, so far, but not everything gets reported, and there's always that first time. I can be careless with my life, but not with Beau's.

I think the tiger sharks are following the whales because we're just about at the end of their season here and the sharks prey on the whale calves, which is sad. Also
they don't see very well, so murky water is their thing, it's great for them because they can hunt all the many sea creatures who won't see them coming and because they see so poorly themselves it kind of evens the odds in their favor.


How did it get to be Sunday? I guess time really does fly when you're having fun ; ) We're having a late breakfast here in Mom's room while Beau sleeps in. Mom is reading the paper. Rosa is talking on her cell phone on the Lanai in the one little spot where we can get a signal and I'm writing to you.

I helped "someone" do their homework last night. I don't want to say who anymore because with the way you all freak out every time I mention it, I don't want to risk getting my pal in trouble. I honestly don't mind doing it because I love learning, and in order to do this I have to quickly learn whatever subject matter I have to write about. I have to be a pretty fast study in order to write about something I'm not even attending the class for. Please don't worry about this, she studies and takes her own tests, she just needs help with essays and time consuming homework. I don't know, I guess I just think it's nice when people can come together, help each other out, and capitalize on their strengths.

I love listening to local people speak here. The way they speak is so cool, simple, (but I don't mean this in a simple as in dumb way, I mean simple as in spare and clear), and cheerful. It doesn't take long to make friends here either, but I guess that happens pretty much wherever I go. We made pals with Beau's skim boarding coach Benny, his sweet wife Coco, (named after Colette the French author, which was a bit of a surprise since I had always planned on having a daughter with the exact same name, named after my favorite girlhood author, maybe it's a sign), and their little seven year old son Trevor.

Benny's son Trevor had a birthday on Friday and his party was on Saturday. I know he's into Star Wars so I went to the mini Borders at The Lahaina Cannery Mall and bought him some cool books that I knew he would like. I also bought a lot of books about growing up here and some sheet music for my ukulele. The guy at the bookstore plays really well. He makes ukes out of cigar boxes, so the body is square, but they sound good. Everyone who sees my Kamaka is impressed. I'm embarrassed to have such a good instrument that I can't even play. I cherish it through. Anyway Trevor's family rented a room here right next to ours so that all of the little kids could run to and from the suite to the ocean and pool.

These are the most popular rooms here because they are so centrally located. They're close to everything -- the beach, pool, and the restaurant. In order to make sure we would get two connecting though, we had to pay a premium fee equivalent to a whole extra night's stay for both rooms.

Beau had so much fun playing with Trevor and his friends, even though they're only half his age. He was out there for hours playing with these kids. They were out there pretending to be Jedi's with their little plastic light-up light sabers. Meanwhile I
was having fun hanging out with Coco and her friends. I adore Trevor's Mother -- what a doll she is, as lovely as the day is long -- and her friend's, one in particular, are amazing, smart as a whip, and really beautiful. I think Coco is one of those very rare people you're just lucky to meet once or twice in a lifetime, someone with a true heart of gold. I hope I'll find some way to befriend her and keep in touch because I really like her.

Benny is going to come back again to give Beau another skim boarding lesson, and I'm just praying I'll be able to snorkel again soon, even though I'm seriously afraid of the water quality, and have been warned to stay out of it by the doctor I went to yesterday. I I'm so glad I listened to my instinct and went because now I can start to get better when I probably wouldn't have been able to on my own. Of course I would end up with another sinus infection and need to go to Doctor's On Call, as usual, because that's what always happens whenever I come here. If it isn't a sinus or ear infection, then it's some kind of skin problem from the mosquitoes or coral. They have me in their system now. But at least when I go there I get to walk around the hotel, look at the penguins and the birds, and poke around in the shops.

The doctor took one look at my throat and said, "Oh you poor thing, you've got a really bad sinus infection going on there. How long has this been going on? Why didn't you do something about this before now? No worries, we'll get you all fixed up." I don't know how all fixed up I am, because I'm coughing up a storm, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the stars will align and I'll get well around the same time that the Goddesses of the seas decide to suck all the bacteria and pesticide, shark-feeding-run-off out to sea.

It seems odd to be complaining about anything here because the truth is that no matter how sick I might be, or how brown the water gets, there is some alchemy here that makes me happy. I don't want anyone to get the impression from my journal chatter that I'm not grateful to be here, because I truly am, any day in Hawaii is a good day, but it
does suck just a little to come all this way to grey skies and brown water when you're used to joyful shades of blue and turquoise. This wicked weather even made the LA Times today, and the Mommies at the birthday party yesterday told me that they couldn't remember a time when it was like this, it's that rare. Roads are washed out on Oahu and Kauai and some of the beaches are going to be closed for months because a main sewage line broke and spilled thousands of gallons of raw sewage into the sea.

None of this was on Maui though, we've just had the few shark attacks I mentioned before, and seriously cloudy brown water that a lot of the locals don't think we should be swimming in. There was a nice woman at one of the many activity concession desks, (they're ubiquitous here -- these activity companies -- because there's so much money to be made from all of the touristy things that we all want to do), at the Hyatt who I sat and chatted with for a while after seeing the doctor. She told me that I should absolutely not go out in the water for any reason when it's brown like this. You think I'd listen but it's just too compelling, everything we want to do is water-related. I told her that even though I knew she was right, and I'd been warned several times, that I've finally learned that because I was born in the year of the tiger, and am a typical Tiger year person, I'll probably take her advice in, ignore it for a while, get the same advice from a few more people, and then finally make up my own mind as if no one had warned me. I swear this is such a common tiger year characteristic, to gather up all of this advice, stall off acting on it for a while, and then decide that it was your own idea all along. I can imagine a tiger stretching and yawning when I think of this, a tiger lazily deciding that it was his idea to get out of the way of the falling tree.

I also spoke with two darling local girls at the Sandal Tree store, and a nice guy in a glass art store. I love glass it's so sexy and glass people can appreciate that I get this, the liquid hot molten sexy movement of glass. It turns me on, makes me want to melt somehow. There is so much cool art here, and again, the best times I have here are either when I'm communing with nature in some way, relating with people who live here, or listening to music and zipping down the highway with the windows rolled down, the sunroof open, and the warm wind blowing through the car. I wish I could remember what it is that makes me so happy here, aside from the magic of this very dear and special place, what it is that I can bring home with me so I can live a healthier and happier life at home. I know that one major component of it is being outdoors and using my body, getting out in the sunlight and using up my physical energy.

I've learned that one way you can gauge safety here, ocean safety, is by looking along the beach to see if there are any local people, (so that'd be pretty much anyone with a good tan and a light spirit), playing in the water. If they're out there, you can be out there. If they run for the hills, you'd better run for the hills, or plan on holding your breath for a really long time. Yesterday, when I was at Trevor's birthday
party, one of the Mom's, who had one of the prettiest names I've ever heard in my life, but have, of course, since forgotten, (it was Tahitian for black pearl with a tinge of pink, I'll have to ask Coco), was really tuned in to the state weather alert system on the TV. There's this steady alert sound that people are kind of tuned into here which basically lets them know when a big wave or flash flood is coming. It went off while we were sitting around drinking and chatting and everyone ran to the TV. It was a warning for Oahu so we're cool, but then everyone came back and started making jokes about running for the hills or ducking.

I'm counting the days until Scott gets here. He'd better prepare to be ravished, but then again maybe not, because how are we going to do that with Beau in the room and with a non-locking interconnecting door to Mom's room? Argh, I don't want to wait from Wednesday when he gets here until Friday when Mom, Beau and Rosa leave. We're going to stay on until the following Wednesday which is so exciting because we've hardly ever been away together without Beau, at least not anywhere that wasn't in California, and even then not too often.

I don't know if it's because of the rain, but for some reason, miraculously, I haven't been bit by a single mosquito. This never happens. I always get bit. They love me. I always wonder if it's because I'm fat, which means there's more of me to smell and bite, (they're super scent sensitive), or because I have high blood sugar. Whatever the case I get bit and I get bit badly, so this time I came prepared. I've been taking garlic tablets, and vitamin B, I even had a vitamin B shot, and I brought plenty of Deet, just in case any of these things will help prevent bites, and I got a prescription for a strong cortisone cream to use when they do bite me. So I am overprepared, if that's possible, considering how much these little buggies make me suffer.

I'm having to wear earplugs in order to write this because my poor Mother can't go for any length of time without vocalizing. It would be fine if she wanted to share something with me or have a conversation, but she just talks to herself all the time. Either she's reading the paper out loud in such a way that you can barely discern what she's saying, so you can't really follow along, or she makes these little self soothing noises where she moans along with every exhale of breath. I feel sorry for her, I do, and I am as
patient as I can possibly be, but when you're wired the way I am, where every little sound or sight distracts you, it's impossible to write under these conditions. Thus, the ear plugs, they help muffle everything a bit, and that helps. Okay, well, that's it for now, I'm off to start the day.

Big happy Hawaiian hugs,

Here's one more Napili beach shot for you. This was taken in the morning.

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