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Blythe Dolls and Civil Rights For Undocumented Workers

Here she is everybody, the lovely little mad scientist Ferris, my very first Blythe doll. She's a beautiful custom darling from my talented new pal at Blythe Studio. Of course now that I've bought my first, I want to buy another, and another, and...I even want to create some customized dollies myself. I'd really like to have one with bright flamey hair, wild magenta and fuschia, or white with streaks of pale pink.

Oh wow the woman who created my new dolly has a Live Journal too, small world eh?

It's all your fault girls. You made me fall in love with Blythe and now there's no turning back. What am I gonna do? I know I'm super late coming to this party, but hey, I want to play too.

I can't wait to get her, take her out on the town, and take some snapshots to share with you.

Here are some Blythe links just in case you'd like to do a little bit of reading up on my new favorite dolly;

I've been reading my new grammar book, Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies by June Casagrande, and now I can stop worrying about beginning sentences with "and," "so," "but," and "because," because she told me it's just fine to do so. I'm also working on trying to remember the difference between affect and effect, something I haven't ever been able to keep straight, even though I understand the difference, and if my Mom gets on my case about the past tense of the word lie, as in "Yesterday I lay down in the tall grass and watched moths mate," and tells me just one more time that "Only chickens lay eggs," I can tell her to eat me.

Oh and I had such an itch to go to my favorite swap meet today, but I resisted the urge to go play and spend, so I guess a Blythe dolly is pretty mild when compared with the trouble I could have gotten into had I gone to the airport market. I really want to sell there.

Irma would kill me if she knew I was going to share this picture. She never liked me to take pictures of her. I wish I had more of them. Can't you tell what an angel she is just by looking at this picture?

Oh and I almost forgot HELLO IRMA. I LOVE YOU AND THINK ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME! Irma is my old friend/assistant/housekeeper who moved to Boston to be with her first love, and who we miss desperately, but are very happy for. She just told me today that she reads my Live Journal.

Here are the kids on my stairs, everybody but Rosa. From left to right there's Monica, who was always my favorite because she is so sensitive, next to her is George who I think was Beau's favorite, then Jackie, who I was happy to learn is studying music and acting, and then on the right is Esther's daughter Andrea who I have known since she was a little baby, or wait, no, I've known her since she was conceived. These are the people who are the most affected by cruel anti-immigrant laws.

Oh and I know this may not go down as easily as a cute Blythe doll but next Monday is going to be a stop work day for immigrant, or non-documented, workers who are being denied rights, harassed, and hounded here in Los Angeles and throughout the country. We may disagree about this, but I can tell you first hand that life is really hard for some of my good friends here. Their community has tried to organize work boycotts before but these people are so poor that they can't risk losing their jobs by taking just one day off. Now, because of this very unfair legislation, (HR447), workplace raids and roundups, and racist inhumane treatment, people are fighting back. I'm going to post their flyers around my neighborhood and imagine there are going to be some very angry working Mom's that day. Our entire neighborhood is run on immigrant nanny power. Scratch that, this whole city runs on immigrant effort. I hate to say this because I love our city and don't want anyone to suffer, but for one day I would love to see them exercise their power and shut this place down. I would love to see racist, blow-hard, talk show hosts like John and Ken try to get by without the unseen labor force that runs this entire city -- love to see them go a day without their chai latte's and fresh produce. I'm willing to work ten times as hard as I normally do, and forego the help I so badly need, for this. I'm sure Beau's cool school will be organizing something so he won't have to commit suicide for taking the day off to join the march, like a fourteen year old boy from Ontario, whose assistant principal told him he was going to go to jail for skipping school, in order to attend the big rally in March did.

And, (Bwa ha ha, I can comfortably start sentences with the word, "and," now), just to be completely random; I love lettuce.

I'm hearing some weird scary noises downstairs. I sure hope that's Beau and not some home invader...although I'm not sure which is worse, a teenager who will never go to sleep and misses lots of school, or some very misguided burglar who is about to get jumped by a dozen cats with sharp claws and teeth. Must investigate...

Nope, no killers tonight, just a very naughty boy man who can't plan his time well. Back to watching a show about coral. Me, I love coral. I have a big time crush on coral, they're like tiny living underwater flower people. Just looking at them makes me cry, and if I see someone stepping on any, oh woah be tide those unlucky folks, but with my eyes going the way of all older (Can I really be saying this?) folks I'm going to have to get a prescription bifocal lens on my mask if I want to keep looking at them when I dive.

Okay das is finally it.

Big hugs from,
Your Pal -- Wacqui

Oh and PS: Just in case you thought you were going to get a reprieve from my sudden flurry of Hawaii postings, no such luck my friends, there are plenty more where those came from ; )

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