Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

AIDS Lifecycle Bike Ride Challenge

Hi Everybody, I have a favor to ask; I have a really good friend who is doing this amazing thing to help fight AIDS. She's joined the AIDS/Lifecycle challenge and is going to be riding her bike all the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles, a distance of 585 miles, to raise funds and awareness to help bring us closer to an end to this terrible illness that has destroyed so many lives, and will continue to do so if we don't step up and fight back.

I know I could never do anything like this, I dread the idea of even having to drive that far when go to Burning Man every year, and I am so proud of her. Julia is such a good woman, a loving Mom to her four children,(one of whom is my son's girlfriend Josephine), and a great friend. I love her very very much and want to do all I can to encourage her in this huge effort. She needs pledges badly, she needs encouragement, I'm going to send some money to her after the first, and it would mean so much to me if you could send anything, really, any amount at all, to the organization that is running this whole thing. I'm going to include her letter with the donation link just in case anyone out there would like to help in some small way. At least go look at the site and see what this is all about.

Thanks so so much,

I am writing to ask for your support in the upcoming AIDS/LifeCycle. Starting on June 4th, I am riding 585 miles, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, to raise money in the fight against HIV/AIDS. This is my way of undertaking to “be the change” I wish to see in this world.

So to that end, I am committing myself to a week of very real effort and personal challenge to pedal those long miles. And I’m asking you to help me by donating as generously as you can. By supporting me in the AIDS/Lifecycle, you will be a part of the change that will occur as we put this disease into the history books . . . and leave it there. All the money raised goes to helping people who are already living with this grim disease, as well as funding for crucial research.

Donating is simple: you may access my homepage on the AIDSLifeCylce website via this link http://www.aidslifecycle.org/1730 then click the “Support Julia. Make a Donation” button to make your generous contribution.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible and a receipt will be issued for your tax records. In taking this step, you will know you have done something positive to make a difference in this world!

Jacqui, as you can imagine, this is a big undertaking, and I am filled with a mixture of nervousness and excitement. We’ve been training hard, despite the inclement weather these past weeks, but I’m sure there will be times along the way when I wonder what I got myself into! Your encouraging support will drive me onwards through the tough times. I thank you in advance for your kind and generous support.

With appreciation, Julia

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