Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

"Love Is All There Is"

I took pictures of the roses in my garden today. They're so pretty. And there was the most amazing thunder last night. It rolled and rumbled across the darkening sky. I am constantly in awe of the power and beauty of nature.

What a day! What a weird and super crappy day. But you know what? Even a crappy day is still a good day because I have my health, (for the most part), and I have my family, and friends, and all of these wonderful animals. I'm lucky. I'm blessed. And I'm so grateful. So even when things go haywire, even when people I don't even know misconstrue the things I say and suspect me of things I would never do, even when things look super bleak, they really aren't, because, (Call me a Pollyanna if you like), there really are rainbows behind every dark cloud. I made some new friends. I took care of something I was dreading having to deal with. I made up with someone I love. I helped a friend, actually I helped several friends, I've been getting more exercise than I have in months, I've been able to get off of the pain medication I always get stuck on, and I'm sitting here in this comfortable bed, with my beloved cat companions, and there really isn't anything I need that I don't have. I really, really, really love you guys. I'm so grateful for your company and friendship here on Live Journal. Thank you!

All my Love,
Your pal -- Wacqui


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