Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh Man, (I've been saying oh man a lot lately, shrug), isn't this pretty? I like that her body is a little bit lush and round in the belly. I wish I could afford to buy it. Twelve hours to go. I'll just have to make do with this copy. Thought I'd share it with you.

My beautiful, wonderful Jakey cat is outside the door, honking for me. He's pretty blind, one eye never developed after and eye infection in his kittenhood and the other one isn't in the best of shape. We like to sleep together. He curls up next to me, under the covers, with his head on the pillow. I love him so much. He has the funniest voice, He doesn't meow like some of my other kitties, he kind of honks and complains like a goose, a goose cat.

This morning I thought I would try to take him outside for a walk. He's been sickly for so long but now he's really healthy and it was sunny out so I thought he might like a little supervised poke around the herb garden. Bad plan. He was soo scared, it was really sad. Most of my guys hang by the front door waiting for their chance to bolt past our waving hands and feet. I guess Jake just isn't the type and the big outside world is just too scary for him.

I saw two movies today. The avalanche film, which was notable only for the two female leads, both of whom I liked, Chris Odonell, who is always sweet and earnest, and shoot, the craggy mountain climbing man bent on revenge. I hate that I can't remember his name, I've been following his career for so long. Oh well.

The second film I saw late tonight for the hell of it. If you like usury, depression, physical and mental abuse, seeing a man raped, maggots and if you like Boxing Helena, well then by all means go see Cleopatra's Second Husband...not. Blech. The only time I was interested was when, here we go again, name recognition problems, hmm, Dura...the actress in the Ally Sheedy, heroin-addicted-lesbian-photographer, comeback film.

I'm just up going over my auctions for tomorrow. I'm tired. I bought our Christmas tree. I went through the usual should I or shouldn't I take responsibility for felling a small pine tree, angst. I went round and round with the kind and pretty curly red haired owner of the lot. I see her every year and I really like her. She convinced me it was okay to have one. That they cultivate and harvest them, kind of like a big beautiful old plant. For every tree they cut, they plant another. I don't know, it still makes me feel crappy. I always feel so bittersweet whenever I get up in the morning and come down and see the tree. It just feels really wrong, it conflicts with my heart. I also bought three small living blue spruce trees that I'm going to keep together on my garden bench outside and then I'll plant them somewhere nice in honor of the other tree.

I'm so pissed off at whoever took a chainsaw to Julia Butterfly Hill's tree, Luna. They cut about three quarters of the way through the tree, all the way around it's base. Fucking redneck asshole!

I took a Jungian personality type test tonight. I turned out to be an INFP, INTROVERSION, INTUITIVE, with FEELING and PERCEPTION. Only one percent of people tested are this combination. I wonder what it means. I think my answers would change depending on my moods and then so would my personality type. The only way to prove it would be to take a series of tests over time. If they all came up with the same type, then I'd believe it. Okay me go finish shopping, gotta get some rest.

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