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Beau's First You Tube Video ; )

So, in about an hour I will be sitting with my Mom at her brand new uber famous ovarian cancer doc. I don't really know enough about the terminology to know what we call them. I hope I won't have to learn this for a long time, but we'll see. Oddly enough I just got a letter from one of the wonderful women who helmed the fashion show of my Mother's and Grandmother's clothes that we put on for the Art Deco Society and the Los Angeles Modernism Committee. My new dream is to take this show on the road and get the big bad costume museum in New York interested. I think if I gather up some of Granny's original group's (She created a little group of fellow California designers and they called themselves the California Affiliated Fashionists, they were so cool, did so many fun things together, but more about this later when I'm not having stomach cramps from stress and fear,) family members and their dresses and bathing suits, that we might be able to get a wee bit of love for the history of California fashion going. My Mom doesn't think I'll be able to pull this off in her lifetime, and since she's the reason I do all of this, I'm hoping I will. Either way, I'll never stop being grateful to my dear friend Mary Herczog, (also living with cancer), who made all of this happen for us.

So, because I have to go, or my Mom will be worried and angry with me for being late, I thought I would share two funny things with you. I'd ask you to pray but I'm all confused about prayer lately. I think that things happen as they are meant to and that asking God, or the Goddess, or the Universe, or the Source, or whomever, is a little rude, like trying to read the mind of the creator. It's somehow easier for me to ask you to pray for one of my cats than it is to ask you to pray for my Mother. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm scared. So, please go ahead and read between the lines, and pray, meditate, light candles, do Reike, whatever you think will help, to align us with whatever the greater good wants for us?

This is a short video Beau made yesterday that I helped him upload to You Tube last night. Thank you Ana-Oui for telling us about this wonderful place. I think it's so funny. It does contain the words Fuck and Son-of-a-Bitch, ya know, just to warn you, and in case you missed my PG13 rating on my info page, or the picture of the naked women playing with the donkey. FYI, this is what you are going to end up with, those of you who are out there pregnant, breast feeding, or bopping around with infants and toddlers, I promise you. It goes by so fast.

And not to overshadow Beau's first efforts at comedy here but if you haven't seen Ask a Ninja yet, you are so going to be thanking me. This is one of the funniest things I've seen here in a long while.

Guess I'm trying to be upbeat.

Coolest thing that happened yesterday; we thought one of Beau's Mama Guppies had one baby guppy and we were trying to catch it in his enormous ninety gallon tank, we ended up finding twenty-four. They're all safe in a little mini aquarium, but it was so much fun trying to catch these cute little guys. They're soooo little and soooo sweet -- tiny little pinheads of life.

Love you,

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