Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Gratitude and Love

So what did I do with my first God(dess) given day of the rest of my life you ask? I mopped up cat pee. I helped the plumber fish hair out of my bathtub drain. I accidentally broke the giant burn blisters on my arm and peeled off a large swath of my skin when I removed the big Band-Aids to show the burns to my doctor. I called my insurance agent. I rescued baby guppies from hungry adult guppies with a net. I looked for my missing cell phone. I had an accident flashback, replete with the horrific sound of tires and metal screeching and grinding in circles on asphalt, and burst into tears. I drove around with my Mom and watched her eat ice cream bon bons while complaining to me about how much money I spent at the pharmacy last month. I told someone that my cell phone was probably shattered to bits somewhere on the 405 freeway. I took my cats to the vet. I picked up my cats from the vet. I told my story four times to four different sets of neighbors who were surprised that I could have survived the wreck of my car. I found a little stuffed tiger in my car with grease on it that someone must have found in the accident debris and put back into my car thinking it was mine and...I burst into tears. I found my cell phone. I argued with Scott. I made up with Scott. I cuddled with Scott. I watched TV with Scott. I took Tylenol, Celebrex, Nervotiamin, (a super mild anti-anxiety preparation that Esther gets at her local Mexican pharmacy), Arnica, and half of a Vicodin. I really have to be careful with Vicodin. And I watched Kathy Griffin put on a giant rat suit, strap on some toy guns, and hide out in her bushes in order to scare her dogs back into the house, (they'd been running away), unfortunately for Kathy and her hilarious rat suit, her dogs loved it, wagging tails and kisses, the whole bit. It was a good day to be alive.

BTW this Hyland's is my Hyland. Aside from my Mom, I'm the last surviving Hyland. Sadly the line ends with me : ( My Grandpa on my Daddy's side was the first person to manufacture homeopathic remedies in the US and founded Hylands/Standard Homeopathic. Scott told me that one of my journal pals had kindly suggested my taking Arnica, (This is the first time I've been on line since early this morning so I missed this as I am only just now about to check your generous comments), so I'm guessing people don't know this about me. Maybe I should add this to my info page so people will know... My Grandfather was also the first person to can and manufacture dog food. The company was called Doctor Ross. There wasn't a real Doctor Ross, Grandpa made the name up because he thought it sounded trustworthy and kind.

Here are some virtual Live Journal gifts for all of you. You can order the real thing here.

Thank you so much everyone for your constant kindness! Your compassion means more to me than I can say.

Great big super warm and grateful hugs,
Your pal -- Jacqui

PS: OMG I just signed on, what happened in Bombay? I'll have to go see. I don't think I can take any more tragedy. As it is I try to avoid the news as much as possible. But unfortunately, despite all the teasing I have had to endure these sixteen years, I have remained a loyal member of AOL, because of this I can't hide out completely from the news because I'll always catch bits and pieces of it whenever I sign on.

PPS: Just for today, and only because the peeled skin on my forearm is on fire, I am not a fan of airbags. I Googled air bag injuries and you would be amazed and the number of injuries people sustain. I guess these injuries are considered minor and worth suffering with when you consider the good that airbags can do. However, thinking back over what happened, I've realized that all of my trauma came from the drivers side of my car where I was smacked back and forth several times as I spun around and slammed into cars and cars slammed into me. I didn't need the airbags. So what's pissing me off in the pettiest way at the moment is that the worst injury I sustained, other than muscular, it was my own airbag that hurt me the most. Please feel free to ignore my ridiculous wingeing, I really do know how very lucky I am to be sitting here listening to my radio, farting and playing with my cats, while I write to you.

These are my cats Sammy and Swanky. They're brothers and they love each other so much. I tried to take these pictures for my friend Ana, who I knew would like them because she loves patterns in nature, and when I first saw them cuddled up like this they were making hearts out of their hands and tails, but by the time I got the camera and stood up on the bed to shoot down at them, the opportunity had passed. Plus the light is pretty poor in my room which just happens to be the one place where the cats spend most of their time, oh well, you can kind of see what I was going for.

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