Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

How weird, I wrote this last night as a follow up to my last posting and when I got in my office I found it in the box on my desktop. I guess I was so tired I forgot to post it, sheesh. I wonder if it'll work now that the auction is over. Oh well...

I just can't stop myself, there are so many of these great old nude photos to choose from. I don't like the naked male ones as much. Maybe I'm just a sexist monster woman. Or maybe I'm gay and just don't know it yet. I like men though. I love men. I think they are so beautiful. I love their bodies and certain other wonderful parts, but I just haven't found too many vintage pictures I like. They always seem to be so Joe Wieder (sp?) muscle man-y. Maybe I like the gals because I somehow identify with them, or I like the naughtiness factor of being nude. Lord knows my childhood, which seems to be stretching on past my adulthood, has been repressive enough. That's why I have to go to nude resorts and places like Burning Man.

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