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Karyn's Garage Sale, Another Peggy Hunt Dress, Babies, the Heat, and a Dog Fight

I thought I would try to write about cheery simple things for a change and share some pictures. But knowing me ya never can tell where we'll end up...

"Writing is nothing more than a guided dream."
Jorge Luis Borges

I was watching A Love Song For Bobby Long today, (I love this movie so much, it touches something deep in me, the locale, the story, the writing, and the acting; a motherless daughter, the sense of community and family formed despite pain and fractured relationships, and the music, oh the music, just love it), and there was this quote I like that one of the characters takes down off of the wall. You only get to see it for a second, but with the magical power of the all wonderful and time consuming DVR I was able to freeze frame the image and read the quote. This is what I think good writing is able to achieve, guide us along the way, sort of nudging us in the right direction while allowing us to use our own imagination, as if we were dreaming.

Of course I'm still collecting my Grandmother, (Peggy Hunt), and Mother's (Jeannette Alexander), dresses. I still hope to be able to do more for them, bring broader attention to their work and their place in history. It's a little bit hard to do when you're competing for attention with Balenciaga but I think it can be done. People are beginning to appreciate fashion as art on a broader scale, and California fashion in particular is beginning to get the notice it has long deserved.

I'm hoping to take the fashion show to New York. Anyway, here is one of the prettiest pieces I've found in a while. It looks a lot like the one that my friend Mary wore at the Art Deco/Modernism show, the one that Jennifer Aniston wore in In Style, and that I loaned to a friend of Mary's when she had to throw a wedding together at the last minute. Isn't it pretty? I haven't even paid for it yet, I had to beg the seller to allow me to bid on it with the promise of payment on August 1 when I get my income.

Nothing too new on the car accident front. I'm still dizzy and will see to this on Monday. While I had at first dismissed the possibility of my having a concussion, because I don't remember hitting my head too hard, or blacking out, (but that doesn't mean I didn't, because there's a lot that I don't remember), I talked to my friend, our pharmacist, and she explained how concussions can happen, how getting whipped around that hard and fast could make my brain slosh around and smack against the inside of my skull. I don't know what I can do about this, but having a diagnosis for the dizziness might make me feel better somehow.

I'm getting good at dressing my burn by myself now. Did a pretty good job of it tonight. The dressing I put on it with Esther yesterday was driving me crazy so I cut it off and redid it and now I feel much better, phew. There's this slimy gel pad that the dermatologist puts over the burn that's pretty cool. It's made up of some sort of antibacterial gel and medicates the wound while it keeps the air, and of course bacteria, from getting to it while it heals.

My neighbor Karyn had another garage sale today, so I helped her out by doing a wee bit of presale shopping at her house yesterday, and then I came back and helped price, sort, organize, and hang signs until about one thirty in the morning, last night, or, well, this morning. She sells a lot on eBay. She finds these wealthy clients who have so much money that they don't really care what they end up getting for all of their amazing cast offs. This one client must have some very fine things because her cast offs are by no means shabby; Waterford crystal, Kristofle flatware, Limoges china, unusual antique jade carvings, Porthault linen, wow!

I ended up buying a few things for Mom's big upcoming birthday, some crystal bowls that I'll fill with candy, and a Limoges dish to add to her collection. I'll get her a few crates of romance novels and some Chanel perfume and we'll be all set. I also bought an old Madame Alexander bride doll from Karyn for next to nothing. It was hers when she was little. Karyn and her family kind of blow my mind when they sell off things you'd think they'd want to save like her Mother's and Aunt's wedding dresses, her Father's Vietnam army boots, (I took those for Beau), Karyn's girl scout uniform, things that were her Grandmothers. But considering how neat and attractive Karyn's house is, and how jam packed with stuff mine is, maybe her plan is the better of the two. Oooh I'm getting dejavue, I wonder if I wrote this same thing the last time she had a garage sale. Oh well...

There were a lot of Moms with babies in strollers who came by. Our neighborhood is filled with babies, always has been. It's really the perfect place for kids, as far as LA is concerned, because the traffic is super light and there are good sidewalks. The babies who came by were so beautiful. Oh how I miss babies. One of the babies, a sweet little boy with very English looking skin -- you know the amazing porcelain kind that burns easily -- had this little rubber teething toy that had a mesh bag attached to it. You can snap open the top, put things in it like bananas or ice chips, and it gives the baby something to do and helps them when they're teething.

I went in to the kitchen and washed it off for him because it had a lot of sunscreen on it, and I wanted to get a new ice cube to put in it for him. God he was cute. But the best thing, or the bittersweet thing about it, is that this ingenious little teething toy was developed by a man whose child had choked to death on a piece of ice, and then he went on to invent and develop this wonderful product that will save so many lives. It touches me so deeply when people are able to make something good come from their tragedies and grief. It's comforting and I think it can heal some of that feeling of helplessness when you're faced with a great loss.

The heat was unbelievable today. We were over a hundred here and I was actually worried about how Scott was doing in the Valley so I called and told him to come over. He called me back and teased me. I checked in on Mom and she was fine. When it gets this hot though it becomes dangerous. We had a pregnant Mom at the garage sale today who kind of doubled over and had to lean against her baby's stroller, and our fill-in mail carrier looked so miserable I ran in and got her a cold Vitamin Water. I'm no good in the heat, I don't know if it's my weight, or my genetic makeup, but I've always been one of those people who choose freezing to death over burning, whenever people ask that particular question.

Here's my Tommy cat. He's so big now, big and aloof. I love the way he stretches out his legs like this. When he deigns to sit beside me I get so excited. Sometimes when he falls asleep I can reach out and hold his paw for a little while before he wakes up, figures it out, and moves away.

Our little Ruby is still alive. She seems to be doing better, but she's still thin and I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm so grateful but I miss her little sister.

Our dogs got into a terrible fight yesterday over a piece of turkey jerky. I always give everyone more than enough, and I don't know if it was the heat or the way I gave it to them, but Puppy, a Pit Bull Dalmatian mix, and Lulu, a Boston Terrier, went at it over this one piece. There I was waving handfuls at them and they just locked into it over this one piece. It was so scary because it sounded so vicious and Lulu was being so stupid going head to head with someone who can be as fierce as Puppy can. She is a Pit Bull after all, and while I love her to death, and I don't believe that Pit Bulls are bad dogs by any means, (I think their owners are the ones who've earned them their tragically unfair reputation), I do worry sometimes because she does have this kind of instinctive thing that happens when she gets upset.

Anyway Lulu and Puppy were going at it and Lulu got cut on her paw, so she started bleeding. Then when Flora, a Jack Russell Terrier, saw this she went nuts. She's this feisty little white dog and she just went crazy. She jumped Puppy and ripped the tip of her ear off. All of this happened within seconds, blood went everywhere and the dogs were growling, biting and baring their teeth. It was so vicious and I thought someone was going to get killed so even though I know we're not supposed to do this I jumped in and pulled them apart. I managed to pull Puppy away by her collar, and Flora Bella, the little monster, wouldn't back down, she kept trying to bite more of Puppy's ear off while I was trying to hold Puppy back from thinking, "Oh to hell with this, you just ripped my ear off, I'm going to tear out your throat."

Finally Esther shook herself out of her unhelpful stupor and managed to get the little dogs away from Puppy. Jack, our big shaggy Shepherd Wolf mix was just sitting there watching the whole thing in that kind of laid back way of his. Hey, if it doesn't involve something he can hump, he's just not that into it. Esther gathered up Flora, Lulu and Jack and herded them into the back back yard and I was left with poor bleeding Puppy. I felt so bad for her. It was mostly her fault, but she doesn't know what she's doing, and I'm supposed to be looking out for her, making sure these kinds of things don't happen, so of course I blamed myself. I rinsed off her ear, cleaned it, held a warm towel against it until it stopped bleeding, and then put antibiotics on it. There really isn't anything that the vet could do because there wasn't anything left to stitch. We've got an arsenal of antibiotics and creams and things, but I still feel bad for her. I so wish I could find a good home for her. I'll miss her so much, but she deserves a better home with a family or a one dog person who can give her the time and attention and care that she deserves.

Here comes Iggy Ziggy Stardust Kitty...oh no, he tried to navigate around the edge of my barely working laptop, then tumbled off the bed, and now he's trying to play it off in that way that cats do, "Oh yeah, I meant to do that." I'd better go give him a cuddle.

Okay, that's all for tonight.

Love you,

Here's a pretty so so shot of Baby Angel. I don't post too many pictures of her because I never seem to be able to take a good one of her. Just because I know you'll ask, yes, she's a Sphynx, or Sphinx, which is the hairless breed. They're very smart, sensitive and affectionate. She was a rescue, and may be the cause of most of our cat health problems.

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