Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Mercury Retrograde Site and Slurping Your Soup

My old friend Michael just gave me this link to a Mercury retrograde site since I have been having such a challenging time lately. I had always believed Mercury retrograde meant messed up communications and I'm having fun learning how much more there is to it than that. Anyway, I'm just putting this up here as a kind of place marker so I can add it to my Memories section.


I have the worst headache. So does Beau. I wonder if it could be the heat? In my case I'm thinking it's a bit more complicated than that.

Ah ha ha, there's this British travel show on and one of the hosts, who is having tea, said to the other, "One doesn't slurp when they are having tea?" The other one replied, "No, definitely not!" I wish "someone" I recently had dinner with, who I have to constantly remind not to slurp and gobble, could hear this and get that it's really just a basic social concept. I think it's only polite to minimize slurping and chewing sounds when we eat. My dear friend is a rapacious eater and just doesn't seem to get this concept, or doesn't want to because he is child like. He resents my wanting him to be just a tad more considerate when he eats. He goes along with it, in his own mildly resentful way, but I know he thinks I'm neurotic and bossy for wanting him to.

I'm not saying I'm a perfect eater, not by any stretch of the imagination, but at least I try to minimize the most obvious offenses. I've probably written about this several times before but I always remember how shocked I was once when Robby's,(my ex), Dad picked up his breakfast plate and licked all the syrup off of it in front of his whole family. I used to do that when I was really little but you kind of have to grow out of that if you care about anyone other than yourself. It's so greedy and glutinous.

I think one of the main reasons why I'm so uptight around food sounds is that my parents were so awful about it. They were so unfair in that they insisted on my having white glove table manners while they did bent the rules however they liked. My Dad was just gross, with the way he chewed and spit out his meat, and my Mom has always been seriously sexual in the way she eats, and frankly it gives me the creeps. It's so bad that pretty much everyone I know who has ever seen her eat makes fun of her. She is Sally in the cafe orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally without knowing it.

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