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There's a movie on with Robert DeNiro and Jane Fonda. I know I saw it but I'd forgotten it. It's so sweet; she teaches him to read, they fall in love, she learns to trust. He's so romantic, or well, his character is. How could I have forgotten this? I love them both so much. Loving Robert DeNiro is an actor's cliche, but I do love him. He's such a journeyman. I went to something he was in recently, oh I know, the scuba movie with Cuba Gooding, God I love him too. When we came out some total schmuck behind me said, "Weeelllll I don't know, that Robert DeNiro, he's always the same in everything." I wanted to punch him. I think that's why I never comment on movies other than very briefly, when I come out. I hate listening to all the stupid uninformed crap that people say on the way out. I hate listening to people proclaim their opinions, their inane comments. See I know this isn't a very centered, balanced, place to come from. It's obviously a wee little character defect of mine. I'd rather live and let live. It's just that movies, particularly acting in movies, has been such an important focus of my life. I can't explain it, I just know that I care very much about them, how they're made, everything, I go out of my way to be informed, and I just hate listening to Mr. and Mrs. Unwrap-And-Chew-Their-Mints-Loudly and Mr. and Mrs. Stomach Complaint spout their opinions as they exit. Which is why I'm so uptight about sharing mine. God, I have a lot of spiritual work to do on this planet before I can ascend, heh ; )

So back to the film; Jane Fonda, I love her too. I was so happy to see her at this year's Academy Awards, I've missed her acting so much. I bet she'd make an awesome director. I wonder why for someone so proactive and forceful politically, she always chooses to be the woman behind the powerful man. When I was just out of college and a lot of my friends were becoming famous, damnit, she put together a kind of liberal, political education, movement for young actors. I remember some of my pals going somewhere on a bus together. I was so jealous. Tim was on a repeat of Conan last night, doing the right thing politically. He was always pretty cool politically though, I don't know if Jane Fonda had any affect on him. Which is it, I never get this one, effect or affect, and what's the difference between sensuous or sensual? A piece of fruit is what, sensuous or sensual, and what am I?

The writing is wonderful too. Hmmmm, I suppose I could look this up on the net so I could see who wrote it but it might be more fun to guess. God I love writing. I've never claimed to be a writer. It was always something that came relatively easy for me, which is why I'm not better at it. I never paid attention in school, never learned how to punctuate, never took a writing class, but I love reading with a ferocious passion and I enjoy telling my stories. it feels so kind of naughty to be watching television in the middle of the day. Watching Oprah, (it's kind of like going to a new-age church), or the news, somehow doesn't feel as naughty as watching old movies.

Now there's a richly colored, very sexy movie set in Italy during WWII on. There's a brave hero posing as a priest and a gorgeous lush brunette Italian woman falling in love. Just the right kind of plot to make this little Catholic schoolgirl's heart flutter on a Tuesday afternoon. Although I could do without the Black Shirt's and the Nazis.

Oh I saw a preview for the book I liked so much, Chocolat. It seems fast for them to have put a film together, but I think I came to the book a bit late.

Okay me go now : )

Love ya,

I love Brigit Bardot, but not because she was once so beautiful; I love her because she loves animals and has lost her beauty, well, the traditional plump youthful outer kind.

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