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I'm transferring files from my old smashed-up, car accident, laptop computer to the new one. It isn't easy going, it's taking FOREVER, but at least I've figured out how to do this myself.

I shared this picture before but it's so pretty and I just came across it while moving files so I had to share it again. If you'd like the larger versions of any of these pictures I've put them in my Photobucket Album. This is my beloved Niki cat. I think he's the most beautiful cat on the planet. He's a Cornish Rex and I get the biggest kick out of it when people are either afraid of him, think he's ugly, or don't believe he's a cat. A lot of people think he's a Chihuahua. A Chihuahua? We have three Cornish. Atra is so afraid of them. Last night when she walked me home she worked up the courage (she is seriously phobic about cats -- too funny that I would have a friend like this) to walk up to the door and look through the glass at the cats. When she saw little Mouse, she screamed and stumbled backwards. She said, "Is that a cat? Why JACQUI! It looks like a leetle camel."

I remember when we first drove to San Diego to adopt our first Cornish kitties. I had been doing rescue for so many years, and had found homes for sooo many animals, that I felt entitled to have a few of these amazing pure breed cats. As long as they were adults and in need, it made sense to me, but then of course I started to fall in love with them and tried to work out other forms of justification like, "I can have a pure bred kitten if I take in a litter of abandoned baby possums, raise and release them", or, "I can have another purebred kitty if I find homes for three of our rescued pals", etc., and then I realized that there were all of these perfectly wonderful purebred kitties, who for whatever stupid reason made them imperfect for showing, meant that there were tons of people looking for homes for them. Anyway, we adopted Niki and Ala at least ten years ago, and when we saw them in person for the first time they looked so strange to me it actually scared me and made me think I might be making a mistake. My heart was beating so fast.

Cornish Rex cats are AMAZING, they are the sweetest, smartest, wackiest, and most energetic, shoulder riding, high climbing, monkey cats, I have ever had. I love them so much, and can't imagine ever wanting to live my life without a Cornish friend. Sadly though Niki's whole genetic line had troubles, and no matter what tremendous efforts we tried, we lost several of them. I think they were too inbred somehow, or too mixed up with Sphynx kitties who they were not supposed to have been bred with. We even took Niki's Daddy Buki in, whose sun damaged freckled faced soul I worshipped with a passion I've rarely felt for anyone, but he was very old, probably the oldest cat we ever had, and eventually he died as well. So now we have Niki, his cousin Harry who is all black, and little Mouse who we have to give subcutaneous fluids to just to keep his kidneys going. Right now Niki, Mouse, and Harry are all curled up together sleeping next to my right thigh.

I've been dying to write but I've been busy helping Beau and Atra settle in to their first weeks of school. I have terrific news about my Mom; her ovarian tumor hasn't grown since the last MRI or CAT scan and this means that if it is cancer it's a very slow growing kind and this buys us another few months of careful monitoring. I'm slowly improving. I can get a few things done before the dizziness descends and I feel weak and need to head home. I don't know how I'll lose all of the weight I've gained. I'm fantasizing about finding the right combination of foods, vitamins, medications, exercise and sleep to get things working right again. I would so love to take this weight off and be able to wear my smaller sized clothes again.

I saw Sean Penn being interviewed by Larry King the other night and I really liked him, liked what he had to say. I've always been a huge fan of his acting work, but politically I think he's an earnest, well-meaning man.

I turned down the magazine request to come and shoot our house and gardens again. There's just too much to do here to make it look as good as I would want it to look for it to be up to my standards, and I can always call and let them know that we're camera ready when it's better for us. I don't have to do this on their time line.

I'd love to have someone shoot our Halloween madness because that's coming up right around the corner. We never did get a copy of the documentary that a group of producers shot here, but that isn't too surprising since so many of these projects fall through. As soon as I can spare some money I'm going to buy a few more mannequins so we can have some more trick or treaters to dress up and spread around the yard. There are some really cool mechanized flying ghosts for sale on eBay but they're just way too expensive for us. I was hoping to do a whole Mexican themed Day of the Dead Frida/Diego style Halloween theme this year but Beau wouldn't go for it, and he's the one I need to put first. I can always do that later when he's sick of it all. And I was so looking forward to making realistic tombstones and covering them with sugar skulls, food, religious candles and flowers the way my Mexican friends do. Oh well. I love Halloween no matter how it turns out.

This year I want Scott to take the day after Halloween off. I never think to ask him to arrange this in advance and he always has to rush off home after suffering through a long night of watching me pass out candy to adorable kids and accept compliments for our decorations. My dream would be for him to be super positive and happy and make the best of things and then still have energy to come upstairs, cuddle and watch a spooky movie and spend the night.

I've been recording and watching The View. I'm liking it. I love Rosie. I love how much she loves her kids. I like her politics and even though I know her personality is a tad forceful she means well and she seems to have a good rapport with Barbara. I'm not a big Elizabeth fan, maybe because she's so conservative, but it's been interesting watching them interact and I can't get enough of Rosie's stories about her kids.

I LOVE my new car. Love, love, love, love, love it. It's a Lexus RX 400, which is like the upscale SUV version of the Prius and it has so many cool gadgets and features that I haven't even been able to figure out how to work all of them yet. Driving a hybrid is so clearly the right thing to do, at least until we come up with something better, that I don't know why I didn't sort of force the issue and make this happen a long time ago. It's been a few weeks since I bought it, it came with a full tank of gas, I've driven a hundred and sixty something miles so far, and I still have a little less than half of a tank of gas left. I've had to give up my dream of buying a restored vintage Airstream that I can tow around the country looking for wonderful and unique vintage things to gather up to bring back here to resell. I bought this way too fast and missed out on some of the extras I could have negotiated for like satellite radio, a tow package, and chrome wheels, but it has pretty much everything else, a voice recognition talking guidance system, Bluetooth phone weirdness, a six disc in dash stereo with a tape player, a DVD player for Beau, a sun/moonroof and this cool backup camera as well. I guess the next step for me will be to buy an old woody wagon, a vintage VW Van, or a cool old pickup with wood rails, and convert the whole thing to a vegetable oil fueled engine. It all takes money.

Meanwhile, I need to hit the pillow before the sun comes shining over the mountains.

I know there were other things I wanted to share with you, but I can't remember what the were.

Here's another pretty picture I found that I wanted to share with you again. This is just a close up of a rose in our garden.

Hope you're all happy and well.

Big hugs,

PS: Just in case you don't have these links, here's Rosie's blog, and I was going to give you Kathy Griffin's as well but I can't find it so here's Anne Rice's site/blog,Annerice.com,she's become super Christian, which I think is really interesting, and here's Michael Moore, and Anderson Cooper. There are so many more but I literally can't type any more...

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