Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

There's a character on the new show Three Moons Over Milford who likes to put butter on his feet when he comes home from work so that he can get his cat to lick it off. I swear I think one of the show's writers must have done something like this, or heard of someone who does something like this, and then wrote it into the show. What surprises me is that I never thought of doing this. I am all about the foot massage; cats, butter, hmmmm, this is something I might have to give some thought to.

And Flavor Flav, oh Lord, what is up with this show? When he had that whole weird thing going on with Brigitte Nielson I kind of liked him for some reason, I thought, "Hey, why can't two people who couldn't look or seem more different from each other fall in love, become a couple, and wear a lot of really gaudy looking clock necklaces?" but this new show is just plain offensive, but compellingly so. Unfortunately I think it seriously perpetuates negative racial stereotypes and for that reason I should at least try to restrict my exposure.

My fibromyalgia has been super bad for the last four days or so. It usually gets worse when I'm running low on sleep then because I'm in pain I run low on sleep. Then my eyes dry out. It's a vicious circle. I was so excited the other night when one of the symptoms of one of the characters on House was dry eyes and one of the doctors said it was a sign of an auto-immune disorder. It felt validating.

Okay back to...whatever.

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