Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Sorely Disappointed With House

I have become so accustomed to using my DVR to record shows that I won't even watch my favorites in real time. I love being able to watch them whenever it's most convenient, fast forwarding over the commercials, skipping the boring bits, repeating the best parts and freezing on details. Yesterday, or was it the day before, (I don't remember, with this flu on top of everything else I've got going on, time just seems to blend into one long fevered dream of sorts), I was watching Oprah and I had a blast checking out the contents of her purse. I wanted to see the brand of the bag, the case she had covering her Blackberry, whose sunglasses those were that she was carrying in black and brown.

Which brings us to now; I made myself go out to the pharmacy to get Beau some more cold and flu meds, then stopped off at Subway to get him his favorite veggie sandwich, and that was all I could do before I was drenched in sweat. Oh crap, hang on, major wave of fever and nausea...you know I was just wondering today how there can possibly be anyone left out there who would want to read my journal when all it seems to be these days is a litany of my physical ailments. The point I was trying to make was that having this DVR makes it possible to keep myself super entertained when I don't even feel well enough to read or play around in computer land. So I was looking forward to watching the latest episode of House that I'd recorded earlier in the week and hadn't had a chance to see yet. Anyone see it? Can anyone guess why within five seconds of its starting I hit delete with alacrity?

It's a matter of principle for me that I won't watch or read anything that portrays, glorifies, or endorses animal research. I've trained myself to skip right over sentences describing trials conducted on "laboratory" animals, but it really, and I mean REALLY, pisses me off when they shove it in our faces, as if no one cares that one of the hottest shows on television opened with a shot of some asshole plunging a giant hypodermic needle into the chest of a live rat and then sliced her open, which is why I hit delete, depriving myself of one of my favorite shows, but leaving me feeling at least slightly less complicit in the casual portrayal of animal torture and murder on television. And yes, it's possible, and I pray that they didn't actually use a live rat, but given that the AHA by the very nature of their relationship with SAG, have a major conflict of interest when it comes to turning in the very people they work for, and haven't brought a single complaint of animal abuse against any television or film production in over twenty years, it is reasonable to say that I don't trust them.

Well, this was a fun entry, I think I'll go have me a big bag of fresh spinach leaves with a raw milk chaser.

Depressed feverish hugs,

PS: Please don't debate this with me if we disagree; my journal, my opinions, your journal, your opinions, okay?

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