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Little Monster, Mexican Ghost Stories, and Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip

I love these sweet little Halloween creations made by my eBay pal.

Here comes Halloween, woohoo. I won my scary dolly, yeay. Here she is "Little Monster" and surprisingly I think she's the cutest little thing. But you have to remember this is coming from someone who collects ghost stories, loves rats and black crows, and goes wild for Halloween every year.

Little Monster was made by the talented doll artist D.L. Martan, and you can see some of her work here. I especially like her spooky broken porcelain dolls.

Just to help get us into the spirit of the season I thought I'd share some ghost stories I picked up for you just today at Subway. Beau and I have both been pretty sick with this virus, (His doctor says it lasts about two weeks, grrreat), and one of the few things he wants to eat are veggie Subway sandwiches. We gave the bug to Esther as well, and she likes Subway, so I thought I'd drag myself out of the house and get some. I'm bilingual and I live in LA so half of the time I'm speaking Spanish, and the guy that was making our sandwiches and I got to talking. Since I'm a vegetarian I don't really know too much about what a meat lover would like on her sandwich so I told him to pretend he was from Guanajuato, (which is where Esther is from), and make the sandwich for someone from there. He thought that was funny and started to tease me about Guanajuato being the main site in Mexico where mummies are found. I never knew this and one thing led to another and before we knew it we were exchanging ghost stories.

This guy was from a coastal city in Mexico and he swears he saw La Llorona walking along the banks of a stream that emptied into the ocean when he was a boy. Just in case you don't know this, La Llorona means the crying woman, and she is a very common legend among Latino people. It would be hard to find anyone born in Mexico who wouldn't tell you that they had either seen her themselves or knew someone who had seen her walking along the banks of a river crying for her dead children. In his case he had snuck out late at night with some friends and was playing on the bank of a stream, or river, when she suddenly appeared weeping. She was white, misty, and somewhat transparent.

He was full of stories, this guy, and I gobbled them up. He told me that one time at his home here in Los Angeles he had decided to move his heavy couch from one side of his living room to the other. He had lifted one end of it, and was planning to shimmy it across the floor, when a ball rolled out from under it. He chased the ball over towards the wall, picked it up, turned around, and to his utter amazement discovered that the couch had moved itself to the other side of the living room for him. He also had a cousin who had an imaginary playmate when she was about five or six years old. She was devoted to this little boy playmate and insisted that he was real and that she could not only see him but was conversing with him. She drove her family crazy with demands. Her playmate needed a place at the dinner table, he needed clothes laid out for him, and wanted bedtime stories read to him. Her mother, my Sub sandwich guy's aunt, had had more than enough of this one day and was standing in the hallway of her two story house yelling at her daughter to, "Knock it off Maria, you know there is no one there. We have to go, now!" As if in response to this, little Maria, who was standing on the stairs at the time, was pushed hard from behind and flew down the stairs where her Mother was luckily able to catch her.

He told me a story about a large black dog. I wish I could remember the name, it was in Spanish, but apparently this large creature can make himself large or small and will block your path at night when he feels like it. The only way to protect yourself from being eaten or taken by this monster dog is to make a small offering to him. If you hold out a cigarette, a stick of gum, or a piece of candy, the black dog will take it and disappear.

The other two stories I remember were about his Grandmother constantly seeing the faces of two little girls in her home in Mexico, when she was young, not their bodies, just their sweet little faces. She would see them all the time, they floated around the house with her and she would talk to them and tell anyone who would listen that there were two little angels in her house that kept her company. Her family thought she was having hallucinations and turned to their elderly local priest for help. She was also gifted as an artist and had sketched their faces many times. When the priest came by to talk with her he immediately recognized these little girls as two children who had lived and died many years before in a house that was not too far away. He took her to the house where she spoke with the now elderly mother of the children, and she was so relieved to hear this news about her beloved little daughters. Afterwards she placed an offering of candles and flowers for them in the church. They never appeared to her again after this.

The last little story is a simple one. My Subway sandwich guy had been playing hide and seek with friends in Mexico when he was a child. When it was his turn to hide he hid in a closet. He felt a light tapping on his shoulder and thought it was his little cousin who had found him so he ran outside, only it couldn't have been his cousin as she was still standing in the yard and had not yet finished counting to one hundred. And that's it for tonight's recently collected scary stories.

I have to tell you how excited I am about the new series Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip. I came late to The West Wing party, but once I put on my best party dress and made it past the doorman, oh wow was I turned on, and as anyone who is a West Wing fan will tell you, the very best episodes were helmed by Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme and considering that they've just created this brilliant new show, about the backstage workings of a fictional sketch comedy show, along the lines of Saturday Night Live, I think you'd all be doing yourselves a big favor by watching it. If you haven't caught it yet you've only missed two episodes and I think they're running repeats so you can get all caught up. I think it's thrilling television, or it will be as it moves along. I think we're seeing another Sport's Night or West Wing in the making, and the writing and the acting are so good, it's just so worth an hour of your time. It's so good I'll even forgive them for the line about the female blogger who can't spell, has a fridge full of Lean Cuisine, and is writing in her pajamas while surrounded by cats. Nice to know someone's been reading my journal ; )

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