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I spent a good portion of today trying to find some way to get some good medical help to a three month old baby boy in a tiny town in Guatemala, who was born with his intestines outside of his body. His poor family have spent, with the help of good neighbors and friends, a half million quetzals trying to save his life, and are now looking for any kind of last ditch help. I called sooo many organizations and spoke with so many nice people. It was so reassuring to reach out and have people be so kind and receptive, even if they weren't in a position to help. For every one call I would make, I would get five referrals, and so it went until I ran out of time and had to leave my Mom's house to pick up Beau from school. The last woman I spoke with, who was incredibly kind and generous with her time, (No surprise there, she was British, and while most American's don't immediately get how wonderful the English are, especially when they're just popping by as tourists, and encounter that initial reserve, I really do love people from the UK, love, love, love them, frankly I rank then just a hair beneath Texans in terms of goodness and generosity), gave me the number of one of her best friends who works for the British Embassy so that I could try to get some Guatemalan consulate numbers, and just then I thought, "Wait a second, doesn't my Mom's tenant, Evelyn, who rents my old room out back by the pool have a charity that shows first run movies to children in hospitals? Maybe she has some contacts." So Rosa and I went up and asked her and lo and behold she not only has contacts at the Mattel Children's hospital at UCLA, and Shriners, but hopped aboard and took over for me. Wish us luck, or say a little prayer for this little boy?

Oh and as luck would have it, our friend needs bilingual folks like Beau and me to help translate when they take their films to hospitals where the children speak Spanish. Perfect. They just showed Nanny McPhee to a group of kids and they were able to get a Spanish language print but they were sort of stumped when it came to answering the children's questions. Most of the time they show films that are either current releases or that haven't even been released, but they have to be super quiet about it because the executives are so worried that someone will come snag a copy of the print. It's so sweet though, she's the executive director of this charity, it's called Lollipop Theater Network, and I think it's such a great idea. My other wonderful neighbor, Nancy, either started or was the chief executive of Starlight Starbight, which is this amazing children's charity that grants wishes and helps connect sick children with other children with similar illnesses via their computer network. I'm surrounded by goodness. Which is a nice thing to remember when so many sad things are happening around the world.

I am really loving my new car. I only just recently filled the tank for the first time since buying it. I also love the fact that it doesn't make a sound when you turn it on, it's so quiet that sometimes I feel like I'm driving a golf cart, even though it has the same kind of speed and power as a regular car. And the best feeling of all was when I pulled in to the parking lot of my son's wonderful school today, parked next to the vintage pick up truck that has been converted to biodiesel fuel, and was able to get out of my car and walk away smiling instead of having to hide my head in gas guzzling shame.

Would you believe me if I told you that the most rewarding moments in my life are the tiniest little exchanges I have with strangers, times when I am being kind or helpful to someone I have never met and will probably never meet again? George W. was here in the area yesterday and it caused considerable chaos and traffic back up. We couldn't find any way to get into our neighborhood for hours and Beau ended up walking home while I parked and hung out with some shop keeping pals. A lot of people just abandoned their cars and walked home.

When Sunset finally opened up I gave people rides back to their abandoned cars and it felt great being able to do something small to make things easier for other people. Today I found an older couple lost on Stone Canyon. You could tell they were lost because they were driving slowly and erratically, weaving from side to side, so I pulled up alongside them and asked if they needed any help. Stone Canyon is kind of winding and can be confusing because several major streets branch off of it here and there. Like so many people they were looking for The Bel Air Hotel and were totally turned around. Well, I grew up mere blocks from this beautiful hotel so I was able to get them to follow me there, and just doing that small deed felt so good to me.

Martha Stewart had a young woman on today who makes lamp shades out of those cute little cocktail umbrellas. I love craft projects so much -- anything to keep one's mind off of the fact that some asshole in Pennsylvania lined up ten little Amish girls in a little school house and shot them one at a time in front of each other. I just can't fathom the depth of cruelty in that, it's heart breaking, and unlike a lot of my friends who are very, very, angry, and don't understand the way the Amish people are responding to this, with faith and forgiveness, I love them for this. I honestly don't know if I could do that. It's definitely something to admire.

Okay, I just had a really spooky moment; I had poured my tea into my little spill proof thermos and had purposely left the top off, because it's boiling hot and I wanted to cool it down. I'd figured enough time had gone by so I was looking everywhere for the top to screw back onto the top of the thermos, and then I looked at the thermos and there it was, back on top. Did I do this, and forget that quickly, or did some spook come along and help me out? I don't know, it's going to be Halloween soon though, so these kinds of things are right in line with the season. Boo.

Okay, off to check my e-mail, I need to look for a letter from Mary. Whenever I ignore my mail she sends a note to Scott and he acts as my social secretary : )

Love you,

PS: I don't know about you but I'm loving Rosie and the new dynamic on The View. I've been recording it and watching it every day now. I don't know why Rosie took on that super dark role on Nip and Tuck, I think she's better than that, as an actress and a person, but maybe it was fun for her, and I support her, whatever she chooses to do, and who am I to complain when I played a fat woman in the shoe store on Married With Children, which was kind of the Make Fun of Fat Women staple role for a while there, and I wanted to work.

OH and PPS: I just finished book four in my depressing reading run of gossipy autobiographies about beautiful women who get used by men in assorted and sundry ways; Bunny Tales, Kiss and Tell, Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the Playboy Manson, and finally No Lifeguard: The Accidental Life of the World's First Supermodel. I like the women a lot, but I'm left feeling so depressed about male female relationships after this. I am really looking forward to a nice long run of travel reading by Paul Theroux, and some rare, out of print books I found about travel in Hawaii and Tahiti in the twenties and thirties that I picked up. But before that, I get to read a book that my friend Cari wrote, that her son just told me she had optioned, yeay for her. And I did give you a link to all of Mary's travel books didn't I? If not, here it is : )

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