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These are two of the celebrity cards from Aids Project Los Angeles this year. I bought a lot of these cards for people last year. It's nice because you're helping a great charity and it's nice to get a card that was designed by someone you like. I'm waiting for the Sister Wendy card, or the Crocodile Hunter guy, or the late lamented puppet from Pets.com, sob sob. This year however they only have four cards. I'm wondering how hard it would be to find more celebrities to design cards for APLA. Even if, as a super busy famous person, you're asked to do ten of these for various charities, how long would it take? They had so many last year, and by so many well known people, I'm just wondering what happened. These are my two favorite, the first is by herb Ritts, although I'm kind of surprised it isn't a guy in a bathing suit and a cowboy hat, and the one below is by Christina Aguilera.

I went to the ear doctor today. He said he's pretty certain I have TMJ. Bah.

Jewel is singing Silent Night on Jay Leno, well, not on him exactly. I LOVE Christmas carols! I sing them all year long and always long for it to be Christmas, then when it comes, I'm totally wrapped up in the anxiety of making sure I buy enough things. Beau wants a giant fish tank, that's all he wants, a giant fish tank that he can squeeze into his little tiny room, argh. I bought my Mom a dip your hands and feet in wax thing, and a little white rhinestone encrusted pill box, by the designer who makes the little theme handbags for actresses at The Oscar's every year.

Nancy Cartwright is on Conan. We were friendly in college. She was a really good actress. I think she has a book out about being Bart on The Simpsons.

I feel really sorry for Robert Downey junior. I've always had a mini crush on him. I really loved him in Chaplin. It's hard to understand how someone who just spent a year in jail could screw up so badly so soon. It's weird to keep seeing my building in the news. Really weird. If you look at the People Magazine with RDJ on the cover, there's a picture of crusty old Art Pope, my tenant, proprietor of Pope's All Nude Review, wearing plenty of gold chains, in the article.

I'm pretending George W. Bush isn't going to be our next president. Please don't deprive me of this illusion. I don't want to relive crying in my car, when I heard Gore concede. My favorite part of his speech was when he said his father used to say, loss and defeat shakes your soul and lets the glory out. I'll find the actual quote, because I'm sure it was better, when I can.

Hmmm, can't post this tonight, I wonder why.

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