Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm About To Get Served

So, the good new is that my insurance company thinks that the guy who was driving without a license on the 405, Mr. Yousef, who had already been in an accident and got out of his car before I ever arrived at the scene, but who claims he simply ran out of gas and did not get out of his car, even though all of the other witnesses say they saw him out of his car, is at least thirty percent to blame, thirty to my seventy. I don't think I'm to blame at all.

My car accident, or at least my part of it, was totally unavoidable, but the highway patrol officer can't blame all of the people who hit and ran, and with one witness who is lying because he's the one who forced me over towards the concrete barrier, the main accident victim saying he simply ran out of gas and can't remember anything after that, and the third witness saying they remember seeing my car spinning around and hitting the car of the guy who was already stopped, he had to pick someone, and since I was the second to the last to arrive, but didn't sneak away like the woman behind me, and the people in front of us did, I get the blame.

The bad news is that the guy who was injured, who I believe started the whole thing, is going to sue me. So now I'm just waiting for someone to serve me, waiting for that moment when I'll be standing in line at the market and someone will say, "Jacqui Hyland?" and I'll say, "Yes?" and he, or she, will put papers in my hands. Terrrific.

It's mighty convenient that the guy who is suing me says he has no memory of the events, so you can't ask him any questions, perfect, and I have to go and big the big honest blabber mouth girl. BTW he originally said he ran out of gas, now he's saying he didn't completely run out of gas but that his yellow light came on so he just stopped. Wha??? Would you stop your car on the freeway if you were just low on gas and GET OUT, at night? And that's not even what happened. How does this explain the fact that he was totally perpendicular to the flow of traffic. I think he was racing with another car, (because there were witnesses at the scene who kept talking about two cars that had been racing, now everyone has conveniently forgotten about this), the wheel came off the other guy's tire, caused my guy to crash and everything else happened from there, or some variation of that.

Oh well, I must have wanted to have this experience for some reason, so we'll see what happens...

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