Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

A Worn Out Weary Halloween

Oh God, I have the flu, or a really bad cold with a fever. I started feeling really sick the night before last. Yesterday I woke up with a raw throat and a stuffed up nose. It got so worse as the day went on until I ended up with a fever, chills, sweats, the works. I just did the best I could. I'd work a little and then lie down for a few minutes and get back up again. Now I'm worried I've put my germs all over the Halloween candy. I guess if they don't lick the wrappers it should be okay. The drinks and ice are being delivered. I went to the market today and got everything I need to make salad, guacamole, and my brain is too fuzzy to remember what else. I know we've got thirty-six really cute cupcakes, cookies with black and orange sprinkles on them, pumpkin tarts, and a cake with ghosts and a black cat on it. For dinner I'm ordering pizza. It's the easiest way to go.

Beau is so sick that he isn't even going to make it to school tomorrow and because of this he doesn't know if any of his friends will come visit. I'm going to knock myself out with an Ambien as soon as I finish writing this. Honestly, despite the fact that we have received so many kind compliments from neighbors, so I know we're making people happy, (and really this is the reason we do it, to bring everyone closer together, to entertain our neighbors, to create a sense of community in this huge city, but most importantly to make the kids happy,) up until this moment, this has been one of the most challenging Halloweens that I can remember. There was that one year when it rained, and even then the kids came, dripping wet and carrying umbrellas, they still came, so I can't imagine letting them down. Some of the kids who come have been coming for more than ten years now and count on us to give them a sense of fun and holiday spirit.

I so wanted to be early and prepared this year. I swear I did not want to be stressing out and worrying about preparations and decorations at the last minute. Oh well, at least the kids will be surprised because we add something new every day and hopefully it will all come together tomorrow. Right now I'm not feeling like it's measuring up to my creative standards. It just looks like one big mash of Halloweeny decorations purchased over the years from Ahhhs, which is of course, what it really is.

Why does it always have to be like this? There always seems to be some crisis or obstacle when it comes to Halloween. There are things I want to tell you but I'm too sad and too weak. I'll write about it all after Halloween. I'm just hoping I'll be well enough to pick up my vampire teeth, set the food out and come downstairs, visit for a while and hand out candy. I invited the Sisters, but now I think I should uninvite them because Sister Colette has problems with her heart and I don't want her to catch anything from me. She had told me she would come help me pass out candy if I lost weight before Halloween. Today on my way to do something really miserable, (Mouse died on Saturday and I had to put little Ruby to sleep today, but if I talk about it I'll start crying again and I'm already having trouble breathing,) I stopped by and told the new sister who has moved in with Sister Colette and Sister Jean, (My high school and junior schools respectively), to tell Sister Colette that I've lost three and a half pounds at least so she has to own up to her end of the deal. Now I'm not sure. I swear if I could postpone Halloween for another week I would so gladly do this.

My goals and aspirations will always and forever be so much higher than I can ever possibly hope to achieve, which basically sucks. So far people have been so kind and complimentary. Even before we put all of the costumes on the mannequins and set them out, before we lit everything up and hung the giant monsters and the black lit ghost, people were appreciating it, so I guess it's a win no matter what. I just want to wake up and feel better then go down to a clean living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, porch and front yard, but some magic super fairy would have to come here pretty early and do all of this for me in order for this to happen. Luckily Esther and Concha will be here by eleven and we'll all dive in and try to get it done before the first trick or treaters begin to arrive at around four or so.

Oh and did I mention I got served? One of the men involved in my terrific freeway accident is suing me for, are you ready for this...one hundred thousand dollars. Luckily I have insurance, but I'm angry because it wasn't my fault and it's all been so unfair. I am not a big fan of the way these things work. It's almost like a game and it's hard to know who to trust. I'm this earnest honest person and I don't ever want to be blamed for something unfairly. However, on the upside, I'm lucky to be alive and I have a new eco-friendly car, and a new computer. The fact that I've got back and neck troubles, a few scars, and am still dizzy, isn't all that bad considering how very bad it could have been. Plus the guy who served me was so nice I ended up sitting down on a bale of hay next to him and talking with him for over an hour yesterday. He was so nice and a big Elvis fan. How can you be afraid of someone who loves Elvis? I'm just really relieved this part of it is over because I was basing my fear on what I'd seen in the movies -- some slimy guy creeping up one me and tossing papers at my feet, when the reality was completely different, I ended up making a friend and exchanging phone numbers with the guy. What a world eh?

Okay that's it for me, I'm beat. Happy Halloween everyone. If I don't get to talk to/with you tomorrow I hope you all have a fun day. I'll catch up with you later when I'm feeling better.

Big worn out holiday hating hugs,


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