Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Offended by Sea Bird Killing on Survivor Cook Islands

Hi Everybody, I'm editing my Halloween pictures to share with you. Trying to get well from this virus/flu/whatever. I'm weak, stuffed up, with a sore throat, aching ears, and the sweats, the whole hot and cold chills thing. Beau has been sick with this for weeks and weeks, poor guy, he didn't even go outside for Halloween.

I have a lot to share, and I've fallen behind on birthday wishes again. I'm sorry : ( But I mainly wanted to pop in to say something about how upset I was by tonight's episode of Survivor Cook Islands. I've mentioned this before and people didn't get what it was that was upsetting me, it's the reason why I sat out the first several seasons of the show; I can't handle watching the contestants catch, kill and eat living creatures. Yes, I know it's called Survivor, and the whole point is for the contestants to live like authentic castaways stranded on an island, but it's a Fu@%!^& television show, it's all controlled by the producers, there are luxury items, and you know the camera people, who are out there catching every moment, are just minutes away from whatever food their hearts desire.

When they catch fish and octopus, (or is it octopussys, octopi, or octopuses,) I really can't stand to watch and have to look away. As a sensitive, animal loving, hell, all life loving, vegetarian, scuba diver, it is sheer torture for me to watch them swim out and spear these beautiful tropical fish -- to see them struggle and flail on the end of a spear. I don't understand how people can be so desensitized to life. When I'm under water, watching, amazed, at how beautiful, graceful and colorful their undersea world is, all I can think of is how precious all of these life forms are and how very much I want to protect them.

So there I was in a quandary about this popular show. I watched last season and taught myself to look away when anyone would go fishing, and that's what I've been doing this season. Seeing those beautiful hens get free made me so happy but then it was pretty clear that they were caught and eaten. There was Cao Boi's tree climbing fledgling bird knocked out of it's nest incident, that seemed to be resolved when the contestants surprised me by displaying some compassion and the baby bird was returned to it's nest, so I felt relieved and began to feel a kind of relaxed trust. Which brings us to tonight's episode where I was surprised to hear that sad distressed crying of a sea bird, (Didn't these people ever read Jonathan Livingston Seagull?), and was even more shocked to hear everyone talking about killing and eating it. Well, that's it for me. I am done with this stupid staged money generating show. Just done. As soon as I heard everyone debating about killing this poor helpless bird, (Gull? Puffin?), I saw red and hit delete. After that I used my handy dandy DVR remote to navigate my way to the Series Options category and deleted the entire series. Then I fired off an angry letter to CBS. Life is painful enough without having to watch shows like this. There isn't any reason on earth why a bunch of strong healthy people should have to pretend to be oceans away from medical care, or nutritious food that doesn't require the murder of a beautiful helpless bird, other than the motivating factor of money, and to say that this makes me sick is an understatement. So, like I said, I'm done, count me the F~@k out!

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