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Halloween 2006, Pictures, and Borat

I've been sooooo sick and busy since Halloween, (Really, so sick I honestly didn't think I was even going to be able to come downstairs and hand out candy, let alone greet friends and host a party), but I'm slowly starting to feel better and made it a priority to find a good place to put all of our Halloween pictures so that I could share them with you. Of course being a perfectionist makes it super hard for me to just upload and share them. I want to crop, tweak, edit, and just generally process them for you, but there's just no time for this, and if I'm ever going to be able to share pictures anywhere near the time when they've been taken, I've got to surrender and put them up as is. So here they are, my humble Halloween pictures, at SmugMug. You can follow the link and look at the two galleries I've put up so far. One is all pictures of our house and yard, the other is pictures of trick or treaters. Some of the pictures are really similar, but I've put little stories under them to make them more interesting. I still need to add the names of the wonderful artists whose work I've collected so people can find them on eBay, and I haven't written captions for the trick or treater's gallery, but I'm beat and this is all I can do for tonight.

Here are a few samples;

We had soooo many adorable trick or treaters, but they were coming so fast and thick that it was all I could do keep the candy bucket filled, and keep shoving the big handfuls of candy that I like to give them into their tiny treat bags. There just wasn't time to stop and take all of their pictures. However, there's nothing like the wonderful, "Wow!" I get to hear when I give them a big handful of candy. I also don't mind hearing that we have the best candy in the neighborhood, hee hee. Oh, and good news on the diet/food-plan/weight-loss front. I haven't had one single piece of Halloween candy since I started my Nutrisystem plan almost two weeks ago. I think I've probably lost about five pounds.

There were so many cute fish and shark costumes this year. I think they were my favorite. God, the kids were cute. There were so many cute, blonde, little-boy-Elmo's that I thought someone was taking them around the corner, switching out their parents and bringing them back around again, just to screw with me. Of course there actually were some older kids who did this, but I don't care, I like to share, and I had to do something with all of that candy. I'm all for trick or treating into your eighties and beyond. I hate it when people are parsimonious with their candy, "Here ya go little fella here's a candy corn, (penny, mint, toothbrush), for you. Now what do you say?"

There were a lot of wonderful things about Halloween this year, like the fun surprise visit from my friend Katrina,the_answer_is here on Live Journal. But honestly, I hope I never have to try to survive another one like this one again. It truly felt like a long hard day at the office when you really want to call in sick and cant, and it's never been like that for me before.

I love, love, love, love, loooooove Halloween. I love the kids who come by, so no matter what, they will always make the hard work and the expense worth it, but with Beau sick, my Mom too frail at her age to really join in or even understand most of what was going on, (Even though bless her heart she tries), my Mom's helper Rosa being so possessive of her that she wouldn't leave her alone with me in my house for a minute, Scott being worn out from work, my having the flu, and being left alone on my porch, with pounds of candy when I'd just started a diet, from three-thirty in the afternoon until nine-thirty at night without any breaks, I honestly could barely summon the energy it took to fill all of those many candy bags and wish everyone a Happy Halloween. I was full of cold, weak with fever, and by the end of the night I'd lost my voice, but I did it, phew.

These were our first trick or treaters and they were soooo cute. The little boy dressed as Elmo was afraid and his sister was trying to help him. She was so brave she picked up a rubber spider and kissed it. I gave them tiny little Beanie Baby Halloween kittens as their prize for being our first visitors, but Elmo was so scared that even this cute little orange kitten toy frightened him. He had this one tear on his face that I wanted to wipe off so badly. I think in the end they were okay though, I got down on the ground next to them, took off my vampire teeth, and showed them how everything was fake. I love kids.

How cute is she, sitting on her little tricycle?

And these little guys, the cowboy twins and Dracula, don't you just want to squish them? I asked the little vampire if he was my boyfriend (because I was a vampire this year) and this totally threw him.

Finally, here is my all time favorite trick or treater simply because I fell in love with her when I first saw her four years ago when she was so much tinier, and I really look forward to seeing her every year. It isn't Halloween until I see her. I was so surprised to see how tall she'd grown. I asked her to wait while I went inside and got all kinds of special treats to load her up with, in addition to all of the candy. I wish I'd had the presence of mind to get her parents' e-mail address so I could send them four year's worth of Halloween photos. I'll have to do something about this one of these years.

Okay, so as usual, I'm exhausted and need to lie down. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Scott and I saw one of the first showings of Borat yesterday. I love Sacha Baron Cohen, Beau and I discovered him about four years ago at about the same time and have been big fans every since. But, even though I know he's calling out the racists, homophobes, mysogynists, fat bigots, and anti-Semites among us, with his outrageous sense of humor, I do get uncomfortable at times with some of it. Maybe that's the point. I'd love to know which scenes were scripted and which were real.

I hope you all had a spooky but fun Halloween.

Big hugs,

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