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Checking In

I have been so eager to write to all of you. I miss writing here, keeping up with everyone as best as I can, telling my stories and sharing pictures.

We went to our vacation house in the Palm Desert for Thanksgiving and ended up staying a bit longer as usual. Something always seems to happen out there to keep us from coming home. Mom's car broke down and she needed me to stay until the mechanic could get it fixed up for her. She did something to offend her sweet gardener sometime back in May, (probably argued with him about money,) he quit and the garden took over. When we arrived there were vines trailing across the path to the door, climbing up and into the screen doors, trying to make their way into the hours. The bougainvillea that I had planted three years ago and all of the pretty ground cover in the atrium had doubled and tripled over onto itself like some tangled brambly thorny mess. Giant floral weeds of some kind took over the rose beds and were threatening the life of a baby lemon tree, and there were enough dried leaves to start a bonfire. It was like a scene out of Sleeping Beauty. Then we had a problem with our golf cart, the batteries died and the tires needed replacing. A pipe in Mom's bathroom broke flooding both of our bathrooms and the hallway. Then when I was trying to pull the carpet up in order to dry it something creepy and infectious flicked up and hit my eye and I ended up in the ER with a bad corneal infection. I'm fine now, but I swear, things always go screwy on us out there, but I don't care because there's something about the desert that I love so dearly. Maybe it's the color of the sky at twilight or the sway of the coco palms, or the fact that there are always new birds, bugs, toads and frogs waiting to be found and admired. It's definitely something to do with the closer connection we have to nature when we're there, and the slower pace of life.

I'll share my pictures in a couple of days if I can steal my own computer back from Beau for a few moments. He blew out all of his computers, tore them apart trying to figure out a way to repair them, asked me to buy new motherboards, fans, cases, a new CPU, and he's been so busy with his last weeks of school before the holidays that he hasn't had the time to put them all back together again. Then there's the terrible drama with his Dell laptop that has been going on for over two years now, ever since his "friend" kicked it in a fit of pique and we began the long journey into the inner circles of what can only and truly be described as Dell hell.

I'm watching a fascinating documentary about jellyfish. I love jellyfish but I also love spiders even though the frighten me. Go figure.

Since I've been away from my journal two of my friends Father's have died, one of my friends has completed an entire year's worth of chemo treatments, while another dear friend learned that her life partner now husband has kidney cancer that necessitated the removal of his kidney the day before yesterday, another friend was arrested for being a little too friendly and loving while drinking and ended up in jail only to learn a day or two later that she is pregnant, which is such wonderful news. Life is so weird in this way, sorrow and joy forever entwined, and it moves with such speed that I find it hard to keep up. I barely manage to sweep my little corner of the world, and I do mean barely; I do my own damage and repair, but thank God I don't have cameras following me around so no one knows if I've been wearing ultra short dresses without panties several nights in a row, or driving in the car pool lane on the wrong side of the freeway loaded up on Vicodin and weed.

Anyway this was just a quick note to let you know that I still exist. I'm still here on my side of the computer surrounded by cats, some old and some new. This is just a place marker but I'll be back soon. I hope you're all happy and well. I'm so far behind in happy birthday wishes, but I'll get caught up, I promise. Oh and I'm not doing a collage card this year but I am sending out store bought cards with a little surprise tucked in. I just couldn't put myself through the whole thing again this year. Maybe I'll do a collage for the new year, or Valentine's Day? I'd still love to exchange cards so please send them, my address is listed on my info page near the top.

I found this on Door's journal. It's so cute I thought I'd share it here;

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Great big hugs from your old Live Journal pal,

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