Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

For anyone who would like to participate in our annual holiday card exchange, even though it's super late, please post your address in the private poll I made so I can send you a card. Don't worry, your addresses will be screened so I'm the only one who'll be able to see it.

These are two of the six or seven cards I made last year but never got around to sending out. This year's cards are a mix of images I found and liked rather than made, but there is a cool Lenticular kitty card that will be included in each one.

I noticed how much food imagery I included in last year's cards, wow. I love desert, I really do, but I want to be healthy so I've been doing Nutrisystem since some time before Halloween and it's been working for me. I haven't cheated. I allow myself one day off per week and rarely take it. I think I've had maybe three meals that weren't on my food plan in over two months. One was on Halloween when I didn't eat any candy but ate the topping off of two slices of pizza. The second was when I had really awful stuffing, cold mashed potatoes, and two pieces of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, and the third was when Scott and I went out to a restaurant called Chocolat on Melrose and I had chocolate souffle for desert and burned my finger on the little ramekin that came straight from the oven without a warning from the waitress. So far I've lost ten pounds. It isn't happening fast but at least the numbers are headed back in the opposite direction again, phew.

If you'd like to send a card to us we'd really be happy to receive it. Here's our address;

Jacqui Hyland
Beau Carrillo
149 South Barrington Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Poll #892981 Holiday Card Addresses

Please post your address for me here in this private poll.


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