Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Happy New Year

Hi Everybody,

I couldn't let New Year's Eve go by without wishing all of you a Happy New Year.

Happy New Year!!!

We're going to spend the night at The Mondrian Hotel because I am so tired of spending New Year's Eve stuck here in my room watching other people have fun on television. So this year we'll be at a hotel watching other people have fun on television, and from our windows. We'll be having dinner at Asia de Cuba, which will be fun, but no Skybar for us. It's 200.00 a ticket for the Great Gatsby New Year's Eve Party at Sky Bar and I just couldn't see asking Scott to pay for that when he needs a new computer and should be saving money. Plus it's basically a party for people who love to dress up and drink... a lot. For the entrance fee you get access to Skybar, (the whole pool area will be shut down for New Year's), and there's an open bar. I think the whole Skybar thing is pretty old now so it'll be more than enough for us to be cuddling in the room, and we can look out the window of our corner suite and have fun watching people retch into the pool, we don't need to see that close up.

Ack, I'm late. I have to go pack. Have a warm, loving, and super healthy New Year everyone! I'll catch up with all of you some time tomorrow.

Big hugs,


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