Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm in a tiny hospital in Cabo, Mexico. I had an intestinal bleed on board the cruise ship the night before last and ended up having to disembark in order to have an endoscopic procedure here. They are hoping that the bleeding is stopping and that all I have is corrosive gastritis, whatever that is. I'll be Googling all of this tomorrow since I can barely find the strength to write this, and haven't been able to do any kind of research, since I wasn't able to get on line until just now.

I had this wonderful fun day with Beau on Tuesday; (It hurts so much to type -- all of the nurses and doctors have been having trouble finding veins and my IV had to be jabbed into me several times before they finally found this vein right on top of my hand below my index finger, I'm usually a trooper about IV's and shots, but this one keeps stinging -- naturally I thought of my friend Mary and all of the injections she had to endure before getting her port, we even talked about it with the nurse today,) we sailed from the ship to this lovely secluded beach hideaway in Puerto Vallarta where we snorkeled, hugged and kissed a tame and super friendly sea lion, played with monkeys and parrots, pet a cat, swung in hammocks under palm trees, and then came back to the ship on a wild party catamaran where we laughed and sang and drank; Beau did most of the drinking since they kept dancing by him and putting drinks in his hands, I just had one, which is a lot for me.

I always have to be careful about what I drink and rarely ever drink alcohol because my bladder is so sensitive and can't handle it, but without thinking I drank several things that may have played a role in all of this bleeding. I had tea, lemonade, a dark rich cinnamon flavored Mexican coffee, about a third of a coke, and one watered down margarita. I've also been super stressed, or at least I was before we boarded the ship.

After our fun and exhausting day at Las Caletas beach I went to the gorgeous spa on the ship and had my hair color corrected which took a couple of hours, then I came home feeling weak and exhausted like I had been since long before we boarded the ship. I had a small dinner and then suddenly felt very nauseous and that's when my latest adventure began. I'll leave the gory details for later because I'm having trouble focusing and staying awake but basically I threw up blood which as you can imagine was shocking and scary and obviously not a good sign. Then it was a matter of getting medical help and trying to decide what to do; whether to get off the ship and end our vacation in one of these Mexican ports or try to make it home. Getting off here in Cabo seemed like the best thing for everyone and thank God I did because I would have been way too sick to sail on any further without medical intervention.

I'm better now, not as frightened as I was, but I'm still a little concerned and uncomfortable. It's embarrassing to have to ring the bell for the nurse every time I go to the bathroom so they can come look and take notes.

The cruise was actually fun and the people were extraordinarily friendly and polite, which worried me. I figured they were either putting something in their water or gave them frequent lashings below deck. It's more likely that they keep them on their toes by threatening to fire them over the smallest of things.

I wish we could have stayed on board because we were just starting to know where everything was on this behemoth of a ship and were having fun but the doctor was pressuring me to make up my mind and without saying it directly, for insurance purposes, it was clear that she wanted me to get off before we set sail for Los Angeles, especially considering that there was/is a fifty percent chance I could have had a "catastrophic bleed" and they wouldn't have been able to safely transfuse me aboard the ship.

So here I am looking for the silver lining and happy to have another adventure to share with all of you.

Thank you so much for all of your kind and wonderful birthday wishes. They meant the world to me!

Big worn out hugs from the pale overweight American in the strange Ameri-Med hospital in Cabo San Lucas.

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