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Cat Photo Set On Flickr, Playing Cards in Vaginas

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Okay, now just in case you didn't happen to notice that I have a whopping bad case of the OCDs I just spent the last four hours going through old photos of our cats and posting them to a file on Flickr for you to look through. Thanks for looking at the last batch from our trip to Mexico. I'll write back to everyone tomorrow. I was too busy obsessing over finding the best cat pics to upload. Maria maybe you can help me with this, I think I'm figuring it out though. My photostream has everything in it and is huge and way to unwieldy for anyone to try to go through, but if I put things in sets then people can browse through subjects that interest them and read my comments? I'm guessing this is how it works. Looks like a lot of you use Flickr, thanks for adding me. I'll add you back after I take an Ambien, ooh dangerous, dangerous Ambien, put myself out for a good eight hours, then get up tomorrow rinse and repeat. Love you Gals/Guys. I am really sorry I've been so out of touch. Oh and hey, don't be jealous, a couple of you have kindly written this on my journal and I've gotta say that the whole blood spewing barely able to stand for any length of time iron gobbling poo checking hemmorhagic gastritis bleeding ulver thing, not fun at all, no, not so much, even with the cool hotel, dolphins and seagulls. I'm just really good at spinning pictures and stories in a glass more than half full kind of way.

Okay, dats it for me at 4:11 in the morning, I'm so tired I suddenly flashed on Tom Cruise and Scientology, I swear to God I have no idea why. Hey, if I'm really lucky maybe I'll have scary dreams about poisonous orange centipedes and snakes again tonight. Go see the kitty pics if I haven't already overloaded you with too many pictures already.

BTW for anyone who listens to Howard Stern, (Every time I write anything about this I imagine my many cool girlfriends here either run from the room screaming or are putting their fingers in their ears going, "La, la, la, la la.") do you have any idea how a magician can pull a playing card out of a transexual's vagina? Just wondering.

Go see the kitty pics if I haven't already overloaded you with too many pictures already.

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