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I'm sorry my darlings, I can't resist Flickr-ing. I signed up so long ago but in my inimitably rebellious way I refused to read the FAQ and never learned how to use it properly, not I'm having too much fun. I uploaded a bunch of my rose photos for FarmerJulie and thought you might enjoy seeing them too. Next up; photos of my house and then maybe I'll put up some Halloween and Burning Man shots. Although doesn't Flickr censor nudity. Me no likey censorship.

Oh wo/man I am so beat. I'm going to see the gastroenterologist, (I think that's how you spell it), tomorrow and will then schedule all of my fun tests and things. I just want my body to make more blood and generate more energy so I can get out of bed and feel well again. Bleh. I'm having fun watching TV and hanging out with the cats though.

Beau's birthday is this Friday. He'll be a whopping seventeen years old. SEVENTEEN! I have a seventeen year old son. How did that happen?

Wow, my blood sugar must be really low right now. My hands are shaking and I feel so weak. So what should I do, eat a teaspoon of sugar? Oh wait, I've got the answer, a bite of a protein bar, yeay.

Oh hey, did you know that you could buy little crystal-like stone relics or beads, supposed pieces of the cremated remains of Buddha, on eBay? Okay, I don't really buy into this whole thing, but wouldn't it be fun to pretend to believe that these are actual pieces of Buddha himself? It's kind of cool to think that you could buy a tiny little jar of crystals that supposedly multiply on their own and change shape and bring you great luck and prosperity.

I had some fun gossip for you but it'll have to wait, I'm just too tired.

Love you,


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