Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh What a Nice Suprise; The Divine Miss M. On American Idol

All of this season of American Idol I have been thinking about Bette Midler because I love her so much, and because Melinda reminds me of her. I'm watching the show on my DVR while editing photographs and answering e-mail. I have a few friends who hate this show and everything about it, but I just roll along with it and enjoy Simon and the gang, always happy if someone just a tad weird or different like say Taylor Hicks makes it through. Maybe that's why I was perversely rooting for Sanjaya because he just didn't give a shit what anyone thought about his ability to sing the way they thought he should. But just now in the midst of all of this big finale show drama that reminds me of being about seven sitting on that ugly yellow carpet at home in front of the TV watching Carol Burnett I was surprised when The Divine Miss M. herself came out and sung The Wind Beneath My Wings. (They already had me with The African Children's Choir and now this.) I don't care that she doesn't hit the higher notes any more. I still think she's amazing. It Factor times infinity. And then there was Paula danging a waltz along with Randy. You follow that up with a stupid Coke ad with Judy Garland's perfectly emotionally fine tuned version of What'll I Do and you've got that good kind of heart breaking feeling that makes your nose tingle. And I haven't even reached the end yet so I don't know who won but I'm guessing she's seventeen years old. It doesn't really matter because once you make it to the final four you've got more than enough energy swirling around you to get a record made.

Oh no way, you're not going to believe this, my DVR just stopped. The show must have run over. Well, looks all I've got to do is open a browser window and head on over to You Tube.

And really all I care about at this moment are the cute little art pixie cupcakes I commissioned my new friend to make for my old friend's son's upcoming birthday.

PS: Been having so much fun playing with Flickr, uploading pictures, making sets and collections. It's eye candy heaven.

PPS: Kittens are the secret of the universe.

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