Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Eighteen Days On a Bleeding Stomach

Or; You Win The Glass Half Full Is Now a Glass Half Empty

Eighteen days I've been choking on tears
He'll say so what
he's been crying for years and years
but so have I
Lord, so have I

Without any warning he says Goodbye
but I beg him to stay
because I love the man behind his heavy eyes
Sixteen years shouldn't go to waste
No, sixteen years should not go to waste

And I didn't get here all by myself
while the love I treasured
was left on a dusty shelf
covered in smoke ignored till it bleeds
He says I abandon him
neglect all his needs
He's so blind and frightened
He's forgotten what he's done
All the loving promises
the hope that's come undone
So busy pointing fingers
So busy with his weed
He's forgotten about me, yeah
He's the one who abandoned me

I've given this heartship everything I've got
I pulled back when I was hurting
and came close when I was not
The Owl and the Pussy Cat
I know he forgot
I took him inside me
handed him my ragged heart
Now look what he does with it
as he tears it all apart

My friends all say he isn't worth me
And I can do much better
but I keep hanging on
loving and loving and loving him
like you do with a favorite sweater
After today though, maybe they've been right
Maybe it's time that I blow out the light

Eighteen days I've been burning up tears
He'll say that's nothing
He's been crying for years and years
but so have I
Lord, so have I
And I'm wondering about love
and who he cries for when he cries


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