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My Beloved Ana Voog and M. Had Their Baby Lili, Yeay!!!

Waiting For Lili

My oldest and most beloved Internet friend ana and her partner had their baby tonight live on cam. I am so overjoyed, so full of love, and warmth, and happiness for them. Her name is Lili and she was born at 9:38 CST. She weighed six pounds six ounces and she's nursing well.

I missed it but that's okay, my energy has been there for days and days offering my love and support. So many of her friends have been sending out love and ease and healthy vibes. That has to count for something. And it sounds like it was a good labour, eight or nine hours, and the baby, Lili, has already latched on and as ana said she loves her nipples.

That's such good news. It took me days to get Beau sorted out and it was so upsetting and worrisome. It took weeks before we really got it down and the nursing part of the experience is so crucial, so key, so vital.

What an amazing gift this has been; watching them fall in love, watching them make love, create life, nurture life, and then give birth to it, to her. I'm so grateful and awestruck. I wonder how many years it will be before living life so openly and publicly won't be upsetting or shocking to people any more. When I think of my friend ana and the way she lives her life on cam I don't think of sex like more prurient people might, I think love, I think art, I think about how brave she is, and how much I admire her for being such a pioneer in all of this. She is such a muse for me.

So many of my friends did get to watch live as it was happening. I'm really happy for them. I so wanted to be able to do this but alas it wasn't meant to be for me. I can't wait for someone to put up an archive of the cam shots for those of us who missed it, but I imagine this brand new little family will be pretty busy trying to adjust to their brand new life.

I'd been checking in much more frequently than I normally do. Ordinarily I'll check in maybe once or twice a week, but lately I've been checking in about twice a day. Today I checked in, in the morning, then I went to see my new therapist, got there early, wandered around her lovely building complex taking pictures, had mini epiphanies in therapy, went to The Farmer's Market and bought dinner for all of us and some Lover's Tea, which is this lovely green tea with a flower that bursts open and floats prettily in the center of the pot, and some calming tea for Scott, had a weird run-in with Bank of America's computer when it refused a purchase and then asked me if I had authorized a thirty-three trillion dollar purchase on my card, (I swear this isn't an exaggeration, the computer actually asked me if I had done this, I obviously pushed two for, ummm... No, I did not make a thirty-three trillion dollar purchase"), then I drove home, heated up our crepes, brought them up to my room to eat with Scott, freshened myself up after a long day of rushing around, and then we made love that was so wonderful and pleasurable. So all in all a great day made even more wonderful by the gift of this great news. Really, I'm over the moon and dying to call people and tell them but it's almost three in the morning and who would I call?

Tomorrow is my Mom's ninety-first birthday. One of her bridge playing buddies is throwing a ladies lunch at The Bel Air Hotel. I'm going to pick up Mom and one of her friends a little early and then we'll join the girls. I adore older women. They have so much to teach us, so much to offer, and are so much fun to spend time with.

My Mom loves Gerschwin, Cole Porter, Rogers and Hart, and Bobby Short at the Carlisle, so I bought her about ten CDs from that period -- CDs she can listen to as she drives around doing errands in her car. She doesn't do the driving any more, her housekeeper Rosa does. I also have a lovely picture that I've put in a mosaic frame I made for her out of sea glass that I've collected and some other surprises. I should hurry and get to bed so I can get up early and get everything in order. I have to dress and do my makeup just so when I do anything with my Mother and her friends. They all dress so well in their expensive knit designer suits, appearance is so very important to these ladies who lunch, and I want my Mom to be happy with me.

Scott put a pinch of his calming tea on my bed for the cats because it has catnip in it. They went crazy rubbing their faces in it and spreading it all around my bedspread.

Life is so beautiful.

Happy Birthday Little Lili! Welcome to the world!!!

Love you,

Pale Yellow Garden Rose With Bug

Pictures I took yesterday. I used to hate these little bugs because of how they just cluster on my poor roses and gobble them up, but now that I've seen them up close, I can see how beautiful they are, and how they have as much right to life as my roses do. I really do love life so very much. It's so full of miracles.

Little Green Rose Buggy (Aphid)

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