Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Brand New Family

Ana M and Lili Sleeping

Here's my friend and her soon-to-be husband and their new baby swaddled between them. I just checked in on them before finally putting my own self down for the night and grabbed this off their live web cam.

I so remember when my giant 6'3" seventeen year old was this tiny and fragile. He was only semi-comfortable when he was swaddled, but he rarely slept.

I just think this is the sweetest miracle. It's been such a generous gift of inclusion to have been allowed to watch the formation of this family; From their early days of passionate lovemaking, to Lili's conception, through all of the ups and downs and concerns about how they would handle this great change in their lives, to their acceptance and embracing of this miraculous transformation as Lili grew inside Ana's belly, and then the birth. And now the beginning of their lives together as a family. It's just all so moving and dear and rare to be allowed to witness this moment to moment. Just... wow!

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