Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Burning Man 2007 Live Webcast

Here's a live webcast from Burning Man pointed towards the center of the playa and The Man with Burning Man radio (BMIR, I think) and some radio communication interruptions. It's a little primitive still but considering that it's in the middle of practically nowhere, and we're not there with our friends, it's a nice way to be able to watch the burn and still feel connected. Here's another link if the first one isn't working, but I prefer the first, it's bigger, clearer and has less traffic.

Here's a link to TV Free Burning Man, check out the most current podcasts in the right hand 2007 column, you'll be able to see shots of The Man burning early on the night of the solar eclipse and the efforts to rebuild him. Right now he's standing and all but one of his green neon legs seems to be working. It's amazing considering how little time there was that they were able to mobilize and get him back up again.

It's a little hard to get that all of our friends are finishing up dinner, adjusting their lighting and costumes, and getting ready to head out to The Man to watch him burn. How did it all come and go by so quickly?

Beau is so upset that we aren't there but Mom needs us here and the money was so tight, to say nothing of my health. Although I really thought I would have had a surgery date by now. Today my hands were/are numb and tingly which is exactly what happened right before my big bad intestinal bleed. Kind of scary. I just upped my water intake, took some more prescription iron, and have been taking it very easy, which is not what I would be doing if I were out there.

If you've never been, please forget all of your preconceptions, and give it a chance. It just isn't like anything else and can't really be described, not even with words, video, photographs, or web cams. You really have to be there to feel what it's all about.

Hello to all of our beloved friends back home in the middle of the desert. Hello to the Favres, Hello Phil and Mara, Hello Kidsville! Hello Supersnail! We love and miss all of you!!!!

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