Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Uh oh, my holiday stress levels are peaking. I'm breaking out the candy.

I'm not a soap opera watcher but since I've been in the office dealing with mail and things I've been keeping the TV on while waiting for Rosie or Oprah. There are soap operas on all of the network channels. Have you ever noticed that, besides the fact that the plot lines are seriously ridiculous, and plastic surgeons ought to get a mention in the credits, these actors are all playing versions of currently popular media stars. Like this guy, he's definitely being Kelsey Grammar, and there was a gal on a minute ago who has the lips and eyes, the whole look of Angelina Jolie. I wonder if there's a Russell Crowe type. Do you think executives sit in their offices and say, hey we need a Meg Ryan? What happens to the copycat actors when their more famous media-twins fall from favor. Do they revamp them? Were there Monica Lewinsky types running around on all of the soap operas last year? Is there a Pam Anderson? Hey maybe they're looking for a Camrhyn Manheim type.

Which reminds me, last night I was shopping at Toys R Us for my little guys Christmas presents and there was this really nice surprisingly attractive salesman there who I spoke to a couple of times. I remembered thinking he seemed too cool to be working there. When I got in the elevator to go downstairs he followed me and asked if I was married. What do I say to that? Umm, well yes, but we're both involved with other people? Or I don't date people who are ten years younger than me and work at toy stores? I just told him I was divorced and then he asked me out. I am always so surprised when that happens because I'm never prepared for it and I think I'm too fat for anyone to be interested in. I think Scott manages to get beyond this because he's a.) extraordinary and b.) has gotten to know my inner me. Anyway, this guy wouldn't give up. I told him no in so many different ways. I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I was suspicious, which is so sad. He asked if it would be okay if I took his number so I took it even though I told him I wouldn't call. Then before I left he came back and asked me again to come over and talk with him and then he whispered to me, "I think you are a really attractive woman! Please call me, please?" That was nice.

Oh great, I turned on Oprah. I can't handle this. There's a Mom on who's crying about her little boy's having been killed by his father and step mother. They're showing his home videos and she's telling us how much the little boy didn't want to go back to the people who were taking care of him. This is horrible.

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