Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hello My Darlings,

Do you know that I am actually petty enough to be jealous that I wasn't nominated for a Golden Goat award? Moving on... Does anyone know why cats put their toys and my socks in their food bowls and litter boxes?

Everyone around me is a total stranger, sorry couldn't resist. I meant to say, everyone around me is sick with the flu. Even my cats have the sniffles. I don't want it to be my turn next. I just keep trying to fend it off with this oxygen water and a whole bunch of herbs and vitamins. I'm totally Howard Hughes with the instant hand sanitizer. Anyone know why he saved his urine?

My ferrets have the stinkiest poo and I hate cleaning their cage because it is so huge and unwieldy. I thought I was buying them Super Cage, da da da, and instead I got Stupid Cage. You have to lift the whole thing off it's base to get to the bottom, they couldn't just put a door there to make it easier, grrrr.

My manfriend who has been sick for a while, referring to my Christmas gifts to him, said, "I'm still driving around with all this crap in my car." Hurt my feelings. He said he didn't mean anything by it and that he's grateful for all of my gifts but you know what? Screw that. I worked so hard to make his Christmas wonderful, I ran myself ragged getting things for him and he waited till the last second to get our gifts and then was too poor and sick to really get anything. I feel petty for complaining but I know I have a right to think I deserve better treatment. I am hating him right now. I wish I had a car full of gifts that I could call crap.

I can't make up my mind about posting here or somewhere else for safety sake. In the meantime I'm double posting. Hey, have you guys ever had Glico Pocky chocolate sticks? They're so good.

I don't know why but I've been humming She's a Lady all morning; She's got style she's got grace, la la la la la la la, she's a lady, woah woah woah she's a lady...

I like Sandra Bullock but I thought Miss Congeniality was weirdly sexist and superficial. I don't mind superficial if it's somewhat plausible, but this was just so hard to buy. I love Candice Bergen and she was great and Benjamin Bratt was great too. Michael Caine was wasted in his role and frankly I didn't care about anyone but the little gal with the fire batons and Sandra Bullock and no matter how game she is about being gross, that snorty laugh isn't going to make up for the fact that she's a total babe. That whole "making her beautiful" sequence was preposterous, insulting, and not funny in the least. I wanted to like it so badly but it was just so insulting. Plus it was kind of hard to watch Benjamin Bratt's character slapping Sandra's character on the butt, when I know that people are so worried about sexual harassment that there's a little boy who's facing jail time for doing the same thing to a gal in his high school class.

"You know you like me. You think I'm gorgeous. You want to date me. You want to kiss me."

Love youze,

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