Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I love these photographs and wish so much that I could afford them, but whenever they come up for auction on ebay they are just so far out of my price range. Maybe some day. At least I can share them with you : )

Alfred Chainey Johnson is the photographer and the models were all Zigfield gals. So pretty.

I've been functioning on such small amounts of energy today. It takes me forever to get from my bed to the bathroom. It took me two hours or more to work up the strangth to come in here and work some more on my Ebay debts.

I stumbled on the Boston best of The Real World and I'm watching it like an addict. It's so much fun to see one of these series all at once because I hate watching them in pieces. I always miss episodes of shows that way. I need Tivo, well, I don't need it really, I want it, but I can't afford it, oh well.

Oh man this one is so beautiful. I don't know who the photographer is.

And this one is also Alfred Chainey Johnston, maybe I can get this one but I doubt it.

Okay das it for your visual entertainment for now.


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