Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Woohoo Thirty One Minutes Double The Speed

Hi Guys,

Well I did it, yeay, yeay, yeay : )Thirty one minutes on the treadmill at double the speed i started at a week ago. I feel pretty good about that.

Our at home vet came by. I love the guy. He's this very low key depressed kind of man. My kinda guy ; )

Tonight my man came over, we put my little boy to sleep with a dinosaur book. Then we went and hung out in my room, cuddled and talked and then much later made love. Then after he left I went downstairs to have a late night dinner and beau came down and said Hi Mommy. i asked him what he was doing up and he said, "Well I kept hearing you and Scott having sex." Oh man mortification
: ( I thought we were pretty discrete and it seemed like ages since we put him to bed. Oh blah. You know my ex and I had sex so infrequently I never had to worry about this.

I am totally avoiding my email because I bod on so mnay things on ebay and have fallen behind and people get sooo freaked out if you don't respond within three days and send your money within ten. I tend to procrastinate, allowing too much time to go by and then i ahve to beg for forgiveness and increase the ammount I owe to make it up to them and it becomes this big huge deal. It wouldn't have to be if I could just remember to make them out as I go. lately I've been bidding on plastic squeaky toys and little oriental busts and pictures of children especially chinese children.

I wish Angelina Jolie were my girlfriend. I would definitely like to sleep with her.

I haven't left my house in four days. I ahve threapy tomorrow so that'll get me out. The cats are crying outside the door.

I want to save the recorded messages of my mother to some kind of mpeg deal here so you guys can listen to them. I read where a gal had done that and was getting a fair ammount of traffic.

Did you know that the Dragon Moray eel subsists on a diet of small fish, shrimp and crabs. Just one of the pertinent facts my son learned this week for school.

Eddie Murphy was on Oprah today along wiht Janet jackson. She looked kinda eeeeee, I dont know, Michaeley or something. I always thought that Eddie and Arsenio had been lovers and that Arsenio had been a drag queen and that's how they became close. That's what I heard. So when he got busted for soliciting an undercover cop in drag i didn't exactly buy the, "I was just trying to help the lady, errr, young man officer", story. Guess it doesn't matter I think he's such a great comedian.

Here's a little story that's been on my mind; you guys know i was hustleing (sp?) to get the house cleaned up and looking decorated/finished for Beaus party? Well the day before the party our gardeners came by to plant the roses and baby's tears i ahd bought for the parkway. so my Mom drives by as usual and waves tom over to her car and asks him where I got the roses. He said he didn't know and she said,"Well then dig 'em up and bring 'em over to my house because if I paid for them I might as well have them". I heard that one fo the gardeners looked at tom and said, "Who are we working for"? Good ole mom, you can always count on her to bring a goodly amount of stress and chaos to any situation.

I'm lonely and tired and confused about life.



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