Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

My friend Julian is the most amazing artist. His partner Jackie deserves credit too because she helps spot the unusual and beautiful people he photographs and she helps style them too, I think. They are just the nicest people. I met them through Burning Man. I can't wait for their Burning Man 2000 pictures to come out. Julian took some of my little boy and our friend Eduardo and me too and I really want to see them.

He gets overwhelmed with the amount of photos he needs to edit and was asking if anyone wanted to help him edit the photos or at least give him an opinion on what are their favorites, so I thought I'd put one up and then give you a link so you could help the project along a bit when you have some free time. It's definitely good karma work, these are the dearest and most creative people.

I'm not good enough at Photoshop to help edit but I have great taste so I can at least vote. It feels so good to do things for other people, won't you consider helping?

Love you guys,

SuperSnail's really cool pictures

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