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I love paper lanterns, especially the older ones. They just bring me so much joy. I think these are newer ones though and I have some of this type. They're for sale on Ebay if you want some.
Paper Lanterns

I just finished making out all of my late Christmas cards to the wonderful people who sent them to me, when I put my address up on anacam and Live Journal. I'm so grateful! I don't know what I was thinking. I gave my PO box address out, because I'm a wee bit leery of the weirdness that went down here, and then promptly forgot that I had done that. Then when no cards came, I thought that people were waiting for me to send one firs,t and I just got too distracted and buried to follow through. I wrote to a few people apologizing, but when I went to my PO box and found all of these cards, there was no way I couldn't write back. So I've been going around the house with my sticker cam and trying to get snaps of the cats to send out to people. I'm trying to find my Joy cam but I think Beau has lost it in his room somewhere.

I can't believe how many hours I put into looking through Julian and Jackie's pics last night. I think I'm a great editor so it was fun doing something for someone I care about, that I know I'm good at, but it took forever and it was hard! I got through about four hundred pictures and there are still another four hundred more. If you could just flip through them more quickly it would be great, but you have to click and wait for each one to load. Hmmm, maybe he could put them up four at a time when people are helping edit. I wonder what happens to the people whose pics he doesn't choose. Can they write to him and ask him for the pictures they were in? There were some really great shots. People are so fascinating and wonderful. I love people so much. I love animals and plants and bugs and rocks too.

That reminds me. I was watching a show on TV last night, I've been watching way too much TV lately, and there was a thing about those rocks in the desert that move and leave trails behind them. It was so weird and neat. I mean how do they move? They're too heavy to be blown. There aren't any tracks around other than the slide track that the rocks make. It's in the middle of nowhere. Burning Man land. It couldn't be water lifting them and setting them back down because the tracks are so straight and clear. What do you guys think?

Well, back to the Ebay grind. I want so badly to be sure all of these sellers are taken care of before we go anywhere. I really want to go to Mexico, but it seems dumb to go so far for just the weekend. I don't want Beau to miss any school, but God I'm just dying to get away from here. All winter break I've been planning on getting away to somewhere exciting. I really wanted to go to this little mining town in the mountains in Arizona, Julian, does anyone know it. I'm so in love with it. But it's so far away from everywhere else and hard to get too. Lots of driving and I'm not too big on driving. Howie suggested Catalina, and I love Catalina but I'm not in a Catalina mood right now. I will be soon though. Stacy, Atomcam, lives in New York. God I would so love to go to New York, but that would have to be a week long trip at least. Then there's Seattle, the birth place of my dear friend Susan. OH who knows. I'll let you guys know if we're going anywhere. Our new house in Palm Springs is sitting there empty and it's really pretty but somehow that would be sort of ordinary and anticlimactic. I want to go exploring, looking for places off the beaten path.

Oooh pasta has arrived, brought by the loving hands of Noemi. Gots ta go.

Love you guys,

Is this gorgeous or what? A must have.

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