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I love my rats. If you don't have pet rats you are totally missing out.

My bunny is pulling her hair out. I think she is trying to make a nest. I'm going to move Mr. Bunny away from her and give her a nest box with some nice shavings and things that will be warm and soft. I'm a little worried about her, her last bunny babies didn't make it and the weather is rotten right now. We don't really have anywhere to bring her in the house. The cats are pretty much everywhere now.

I adopted some more kitties from my friend G. who is having a hard time right now. The last time I saw her she was pretty alcoholic, now she's a heroin addict as well. She's my age but is still living at home with her parents. It seems like more people are. My heart goes out to her. I wish I could help in some way. I think I'll just hold a positive vision of her finding healing and balance. Her parents are trying to find a good rehab program for her.

G. looks a lot like ana. (I owe anawee a phone call. I'm actually looking forward to it but first I was out of town and then I had to deal with some personal issues. Too personal to discuss with my Live Journal comrades? Naaah, but too personal to write about in front of a possibly snooping ex-spouse.) It surprised me the first time I saw her how similar they are in some ways. G. is petite and used to have the same exact short blonde hairstyle. She's also very styley and likes alternative things. I really hope she finds her center and creates a wonderful supportive life for herself. I really love her.

We adopted Buki, for Charles Bukowski. He was her stud cat. I always felt so sorry for him. He lived in this little box-cage thing, although he had a run, but he was so stinky from spraying and was always pacing back and forth. Now he has a home and a cozy bed and seems so happy. He adjusted immediately. I adore him. He's my white Cornish Rex cat Niki's father, Ala Nazimova's grandfather, Spooky 1 and 2's and Kit Kat's great grandfather, all of the Mini's, and Beau's favorite cat, Chippy's great great grandfather. (Anyone wanna try to help me punctuate that last sentence?) See, so he really has belonged with us all along. I thought Tick's brother Houdini would end up with us as well, but he was adopted by a carefree single man, and is probably riding around in the passenger seat of a 1956 Cadillac convertible, with the top down and the wind in his fur.

My boyfriend is still sick. He's been sick forever. This latest flu has hit people really hard here, but not for as long as it's hit him. I think if you do things to depress your immune system, it takes much longer to get well. Plus he has this nasty catch twenty-two sort of thing going on with sleep. I can go without sex for longer than he can but it's been a month and a half and we're about to set a record of some kind here.

My friend G's mother drinks and she's had this flu for three weeks. everyone else I've talked to got over it much more quickly. I keep attributing my not having caught it to this oxygen water and the various herbs, vitamins, and nutrients I've been taking. I've been researching what I need to take for my various ailments and it's getting pretty hard to swallow this many pills. It's hard to remember to take all of them. I get sick of it. Plus it makes me feel kind of like an old person trying to hang onto her youth. I know I should reframe that somehow, replace it with a positive affirmation or something, but screw it.

Oh thank God, here are my Advil. Phew.

I forgot to mention that I'm still not drinking Coke, my lifelong addiction. As soon as I was able to get off of it for a month my desire for it went away and now when I take a sip of it, it tastes kind of harsh and not as good to me so I don't want it. I feel triumphant somehow about this, as if I beat the grey men who add the secret addictive components to the mix, hee hee.

Great, I was hunting around to find some photos for your visual entertainment and came across this old black and white picture of a cat hunter, hanging his dead cats from a porch. I won't put it up, but I'll include the link. I don't know what kind of cats they are, they might be bobcats, but just looking at it makes all of this rage in me, come burning up to the surface of my consciousnes. I went to look at the bidders and one of them calls himself "ihunt1", ignorant back-woods animal killing bastard. I want to harm him. Do you guys think there's a vitamin or herb cure for this?

Stupid Fucking Old Cat Killing Photo


Love you guys,


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