Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

On the mini trip that Beau and I just took down south, we stopped in Laguna for a night and visited Scripps Birch aquarium. We love aquariums. It was great for Beau, he learned a lot. I bought a book on nudibranchs. You might remember I'm nuts about nudibranchs. A friend of mine actually gave me a silly bumper sticker that says, I brake for Nudibranchs. I'm going to go look for some pictures for you because it's been awhile since I've shown any. I just can't get enough pink, purple, red and orange these days.

These beautiful photos come from Michael D. Miller's beautiful site. You should go see it. I'm looking for orange and pink but these guys are just so beautiful.

Are these beautiful or what? Maybe you have to be a diver to appreciate them. There's just something so beautiful and graceful about them. I just love these little guys so much. While the photographs are lovely, you really have to see them living to understand this passion I feel for them.

I finally finished my belated Christmas card that I'm sending to my pals at Live Journal and anacam who were kind enough to send me some. Particularly Stacy of Atom Cam, who sent me pictures of her cats and little mini pics of ana and Stacy kissing, they are all so cute, and Blonnie, who sent me a card before I even asked for them. I included a pic of these seagulls who were hanging out with us on our balcony in Laguna Beach, and a bookmark and some stickers, and this postcard from the aquarium. I love all of you guys so much, you just lift my soul.

My housekeeper-assistant-pal Esther's, lazy, alcoholic, slacker, jerk of a husband, doesn't have work right now, as usual. I have full time help during the week. Esther used to work for us full time and would bring her little boy, Eduardo, who is thirteen now, with her. She left and became a Mom full time when she fell in love with Hugo and had her daughter Andrea, but he is such a selfish, rotten provider that when Andrea was about two, I think, Esther came back to work for us on the weekends, just to earn enough money to help support her kids.

He never works steadily and he infuriates me because he treats Esther so badly. She worked for us on her birthday and we had a mini-party for her, he didn't even bother to call. I know I should feel sorry for him and lay the blame on Esther for choosing him and for staying with him, thereby enabling him, but I can just so relate to the situation. She is overweight and doesn't think she can do any better partner wise. He is handsome but an alcoholic and a total lazy layabout. They get along when he is being little boy like and charming but he is ambivalent about being a husband and a father, he never steps up and makes their lives any better. He pulls them down and is always looking out for himself. Hmmm sound like anyone you know?

Anyway he is out of work, as usual, and had promised to come by and work for me today for a few hours. I need him to carry Beau's fish tank up to his room and to help us with the rabbit hutches and clean up the patio. Actually I was kind of making work for him to help him out. I would rather hire almost anyone else but I do it to help them out. He just came to the door, hours after he had agreed to be here, with a really nasty attitude and just because Esther said something about his being late, he huffed off in a snit and will spend the rest of the day at home in bed watching television, while Esther spends all weekend working to make their rent. She could do so much better. God how I wish she would leave him. I'm sure people must have been thinking this about me for years.


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