Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Any Live Journalers in my area feel the quake and the aftershocks? My dogs started howling well before I felt it and one of my cats is still pacing. I'm still really PTS'd from the last quake. Whenever I feel a rumbling, like when a truck rolls by, the adrenaline in my system rushes into my chest.

Quakes scare me. The Nothridge Quake was horrible. I was at a friend's house right in the heart of the quake area when the biggest aftershock hit. We were there trying to help him clean up his apartment. He was traumatized, everything had fallen out of the cabinets, off the walls, his place was a wreck. It was bad where we live, but nothing compared to what he went through, and when the aftershock hit it felt so much worse than the original quake had felt from our house. It knocked me to the ground and there was no way I could stand up. I tried and it simply flattened me.
I've never felt a quake that powerful. Sure they rumbled and rocked but I could always stumble my way to the doorway before. This was something far worse. We couldn't even feel relieved that we had survived it, the big one, the one we had been dreading and preparing for, for so long, because right away they told us that this was a newly discovered fault, and that we could go back to dreading the big one. Ack. For so long I was afraid ever time I had to pass under an overpass. I would wait until I was certain I ahd a clear shot through and wouldn't be stuck underneath.
God I hate earthquakes.

Okay back to the eBay grind. One of these days I'm going to get these auctions paid off.

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